Real Questions About Classic Car Title Loans

Real Questions About Classic Car Title Loans

What is a Classic Car Title Loan?

You can use your classic vehicle’s title as collateral for the money you need. Title Loans in Las Vegas are a fast and easy way to get emergency cash if you own your classic car, truck or motorcycle.

How Can I Get Cash with Classic Car Title Loans?

Traditional lenders use your credit history to determine how much they will loan you. People with bad credit are most often refused the funds they need. At CASH 1 we use your vehicle’s title as your credit which means your chances of being approved are greatly increased. Simply put, you give us your title and we give you cash. Once you pay the interest and the loan principal, you get back your title.

Where Can I Get Car Title Loans?

With so many lenders out there, you should consider the amount of loan that you need. More importantly, you need to know if you can afford to pay back the interest and principal in a timely manner. CASH 1 has eight Las Vegas locations with more on the way.

How Much Money Can I Get with CASH 1 Auto Title Loans?

You can receive up to $50,000 depending on your vehicle's value and your income. The best part is that you can take up to 120 days to pay off your loan.

How Many Title Loans Can I Have?

As long as your income supports the loan amount, you can use multiple vehicles to get more cash. If you have a car and a truck or a motorcycle you could use all of these to secure a larger loan.

How Does the Title Lending Process Work?

CASH 1 has a simple title loan process that can get you cash in as little as 15 minutes.

  • You should have your vehicle and clear Nevada title with you before you apply.
  • Our application requires that you have some proof of income, government ID and proof of residency in Nevada.
  • While you fill out your application we do a visual inspection of your vehicle. We check that your VIN number on your vehicle matches the VIN number on your title.
  • You determine how much you need and you qualify for that amount if your car’s value and your income meet our criteria.
  • You get your cash and keep driving your vehicle.
  • You’ll receive your title when you pay the interest and principal of your loan.

What Is a Lien Free Title in Nevada?

If your title is Lien-free it means your name is the only one on the title and that you own the vehicle outright. Your title cannot have any other loan or lease on your vehicle.

What about Title Loans Direct Lenders?

Would you want your personal financial information sent to the highest bidder? That's how many online title loan lenders operate because they are not legally allowed to offer you loans. As a direct lender, CASH 1 is licensed in the state of Nevada and Arizona, there is no middle man, which means we keep your information secure.

Why Is CASH 1 a Great Option for Getting Title Loans?

CASH 1 lends the max when it comes to title loans, up to $50,000 with up to 120 days to pay back your loan! We also offer competitive rates and have been for almost 25 years.  

Do you have Real Questions about Classic Car Title Loans in Las Vegas? We have your Car Title Loans Las Vegas Answers. How many title loans can I have?


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