Considering the interest

Bad credit personal loans help borrowers who need extra money but have little recourse to obtain the necessary capital. Whether applicants want auto title loans or cash advances, they're accessing funds that would have otherwise been out of reach.

Like all loans, these lending options carry interest rates that are based on the loan's balance and the timetable for payment. Borrowers need to take these charges into account because they affect loans' total costs.

Lending houses explain their rates, but some consumers fail to consider those additional fees and gladly take their loans without understanding the consequences. For example, if a worker takes a payday loan without realizing that the loan amount and the interest will be taken from his or her paycheck, there is a chance that the diminished income won't be sufficient enough to cover future expenses.

At CASH 1, we explain all of our charges and interest rates to our clients so they can budget accordingly. Our transparent practices are meant to help borrowers plan ahead so they won't slip into debt. We offer competitive rates because no one should have to cover exorbitant costs for short-term loans.


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