Americans Feel Less Secure Financially

A large portion of the country has seen its financial security diminish over the last year.

In a survey by Bankrate, 28 percent of respondents said they felt less financially secure than they did one year ago. Poor job outlooks and higher expenses are causing many families to dip into savings. According to the survey, 39 percent of the country is less comfortable with its savings compared to last year, while one-in-four families have no savings.

For families struggling financially, short term loans can be a valuable financial tool. These lines of credit can provide the funding needed to cover unexpected expenses. With a payday loan, borrowers can pay utilities, credit card balances and rent, and even buy food and other necessities.

Payday loans can help families manage their budgets to avoid late or missed payments. The approval process is quick and easy, often providing money within 24 hours. This makes the loans a good tool during financial emergencies. There is no FICO credit check, and borrowers agree to repay the funds within a few weeks.

Borrowers should research their options carefully, but short-term credit can be a good tool to help families feel more secure financially.


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