Are You Ready for Baseball Season?

Are You Ready for Baseball Season?


Baseball season has arrived. For a lot of us this is the best time of the year because the greatest sport in history is just getting started and we look forward to nightly radio broadcasts of our favorite teams from now through September. This is not to disparage other sports or their fans but there’s something special about baseball. It is the sport of king and peasant alike. It’s not a privileged sport for the wealthy spectator; even if you can’t afford a luxury box, outfield seats are still reasonably priced and you can take the whole family to the game. Can’t really say that about most other sports (have you seen ticket prices for football lately?), but baseball is special. Why? Well, it’s kind of like a game of chess for the common fan. In sports like hockey and basketball, the action is constant, and you are counting on the best players available to put an object into a goal. Football involves a fair amount of play calling, but even then you’re mostly just counting on the ball to move downfield. These are all fine ways to conduct a sport, and they’re very entertaining.
But baseball is the only sport in which the defense has the ball. It’s one of the few sports in existence without a clock governing the length of the game. It’s the only sport in which offense is conducted one player at a time, and which half the game is spent in individual achievement (standing at the plate) while the other half that same individual counts on a team to back him up. Like chess, baseball’s pieces move around the ‘board’ according to what job they have to do, and how they need to react to whatever happens at home plate. Every decision is made based partially on statistics, carefully studied percentages and just plain hope.
It’s two out in the bottom of the eighth with two men on and you’re the home team, down by one run. Your right-handed pitcher is a little tired but still has some juice in his throw, but the batter about to step up is serious right-handed hitter who’s been on a streak lately. What do you do? Do you keep your pitcher on the mound and hope all goes well or do you bring in a lefty reliever because stats say the batter has trouble with southpaws? All of this just for one at-bat that might keep the game close or break it wide open. Whether you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Arizona
Diamondbacks, the Texas Rangers or the Houston Astros, you gotta love this game. Maybe you’ve got an unexpected day off coming and you’d like to hit the ballpark. If you’re short of cash but know you’ll be getting some in the near future, maybe you can look into Registration Loans for a day at the ballpark. Come see us online at CASH 1 and we can set you up. Enjoy the ballgame.


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