Little League Teams are Forming

Little League Teams are Forming

It’s Little League season, and kids all over the World are getting their mitts out of the closet and warming up their arms, practicing their swings, and working on their base-stealing techniques. Little league is a sport played by more American kids than any other youth-age organized activity and it’s played on fields from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to San Antonio, Texas, to Seattle, Washington, and even Alaska and Hawaii. For hundreds of thousands of children, youth league baseball and softball are rites of passage; a tradition in learning sportsmanlike character, fair play, and losing with grace and dignity. Nearly every U.S. President has played little league baseball in the last fifty years, as have most of the heads of major industries. Of course, we’re not promising your child will be president just because they played baseball when they were young, but studies have shown repeatedly that youth organized sports governed by a fair and equitable coaching staff can teach life lessons that just cannot be learned in the classroom. In addition, Little League has a history almost as old as major league baseball itself.
Begun in 1939 with just three teams of ten players, Little League was a community even then in which local businesses sponsored the teams. That’s older than professional football; a tradition that is shared by such public figures as Vice President Joseph Biden, Former President George W Bush, actor Kevin Costner (so that’s why he made all those baseball movies), world renown transplant surgeon Dr. Robert Stratta, Pulitzer prize winning writer Dave Barry, Bruce Springsteen (that’s right, the Boss played Little League), astronaut Story Musgrave and basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. That tradition continues today; it brings together kids and parents from all walks of life to play on a team that might even have a chance to go to the Little League World Series and compete against teams of kids from other countries. Two and a half million children participate in Little League worldwide, learning such varied skills as eye-hand coordination, confidence in working with a team, and the mathematics involved with keeping statistics. We probably don’t need to explain that these are important skills for a developing child to acquire, all while having great fun and learning to socialize in the process. If you’ve got kids of age who want to get involved with Little League, but are short on the required entry funds in order to let your child participate, consider the option of a payday loan from CASH 1. There are deadlines for league fees and we know sometimes you run into unexpected financial issues that take precedence. But that shouldn’t stop you from giving your child the opportunity of exploring their talent for sport, particularly baseball; little league typically has the lowest of all the youth league sport fees. Take a look at CASH 1’s personal loans for bad credit programs, there’s a section that spells out the terms of a payday loan and what kind of time frame will be needed to pay it off. Take a look at your area’s fee deadlines and if they are approaching, don’t wait. Get your child registered for what will be an important life experience. Play ball!


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