Summer Tahoe Vacation Guide

Summer Tahoe Vacation Guide

We may be known for getting you payday loans in minutes, but Summer is right around the corner. As part of our travel series, we’d like to share a few things to do in Lake Tahoe. Whether you're travelling in the summer or in winter, pack your stuff and take a vacation to Lake Tahoe. Tahoe has the largest alpine lake in North America. It's known for its beauty of the fresh water and the mountains on all the sides of the lake. It's a great attraction for tourists in California and Nevada. People come here throughout the year for perfect get away activities. Here are a few of the things which you can do in Lake Tahoe to spend relaxing yet fun vacations.

1. Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema

Tahoe has an incredible Art Haus and Cinema, which is not like your regular cinemas. The Tahoe Art Haus and Cinema has recently been renovated with comfortable couches, leather stuffed chairs and a bar. They have taken the theater system to a whole new level to attract the people with the comfort zone in the cinema. The Art Haus of Tahoe has a stage for performance of filmmakers, live music, speakers and dances.

2. Tahoe Golf Course

Whether it’s the summer season or winter, you won’t be missing the fun of golfing in Tahoe. During summers, the Tahoe Donner offers 200 acres of ground for golf and the fun part is that it is open for the public too. Also, during the winter season, the golf sessions are continued in the Winter Golf Academy as the virtual system with proper coaching.

3. Williard’s Sport Shop

Williard’s sport shop is the famous sports shop offering all kinds of high quality sportswear for the summer or winter season. For winters they offer sportswear such as gloves, goggles, eyewear, jackets, hats and for summers they offer equipment for hiking and biking or any other summer outdoor activities.

Let us be your Tahoe vacation guide. Summer is a great time to visit. As part of our travel series, we’d like to share a few things to do in Lake Tahoe.

4. Truckee Bike Park

The outdoor activities include biking in summers and that is why during the season in the Truckee Bike Park, you will see people of all ages riding their bikes here. The little ones riding their strider bikes while the teenagers and adults performing stunts with their bikes. The special thing about this bike park is that it caters all sorts of people as it has space for the toddlers, for the people who just want to ride their bikes and for the people who want to pull off the stunts on different tracks.

5. Tomaato’s Restaurant

If you are looking for just the perfect pizza, Tomato’s Restaurant is what you should try. They have a famous thin crust pizza and their own home made sauces. You can also choose your own pizza from their variety of cheeses and toppings. Their menu also includes the appetizers such as soups and salads.

6. Rope Courses

If you love heights then you must definitely do the rope courses activity. The rope course is located at the new adventure peak area on the top of heavenly mountain. There are three types of rope courses available. The Black Bear, which is for the families with children, The Discovery Forest Ropes Course in the pine trees and the Boulder Cover which is for the adults and older children who love thrill and excitement. There’s adventure for everyone.

7. Fitness and Spa

A beautiful environment and a relaxing spa, what more can you ask for? After a tiresome day a little pampering to your self is what you deserve. So whatever part of Lake Tahoe are you in, you will find different salons to pamper yourself, offering a great range of pilates, pedicure etc. Also you may find many fitness centers in the area if you are looking to break your sweat.

8. Nightlife

If you think that people are early sleepers in Tahoe then you are mistaken. After all the activities in the day time, the night is young at Tahoe. All the people enjoy the nightlife at Tahoe to relax after the tiresome day. The nightlife consists of pubs, casinos and dance clubs.

9. Commons Beach

The beach is located at the center of the Tahoe City. The beach although is not the best for swimming but it has many other fun things to do. There are free concerts as the Common Beach with live music on Sundays, Movie nights on summer Wednesdays, events like SnowFest in winters, the Farmers Market during the summer and all this is for free. Also the coffee shops, restaurants are stores are located near the Commons Beach.

Let us be your Tahoe vacation guide. Summer is a great time to visit. As part of our travel series, we’d like to share a few things to do in Lake Tahoe.

10. Skydive Lake Tahoe

If you want to do something scary yet exciting, then you should go for skydiving. Skydiving Lake Tahoe has professionally trained instructors who would help you on how to do this stunt. The flights take off from Minden for over 12000 feet above the Lake Tahoe. The passengers will jump for a minute and after reaching at 5500 feet the parachute will deploy landing them safely back to the ground.

11. Adrift Tahoe

Adrift Tahoe is a rental store offering the lessons surfing and paddle boarding on the lake and not only that but it also offers the equipment along with the clothing required on rent to do these activities. They are so prompt that you just call them a day before and they will arrange all the equipment for you the next day.

12. Wildflower Café

Wildflower Café is a popular café in Tahoe for it breakfast and brunch offering larger portions of food. They have a wide range of breakfast such as French toasts, biscuits, omelets, sausages, tea and coffee. If you are way too hungry then this is the right place for you because the large portions here will fill you up too well.

13. Fishing at the Caples Lake

If you are looking for an easy access to fish catching then this is the place. In Caples Lake you will find big fishes like Mackinaw, Brookies, Browns, and Rainbows. The area also has a parking lot and toilet facilities for anyone who wants to use it. The view of this lake is breathtaking. At CASH 1 we enjoy the outdoors and passing on a few thoughts about things to do in Lake Tahoe. Keep in mind, that if you ever find yourself short on cash, we offer short term loans for bad credit and title loans for Nevada residents.  

Let us be your Tahoe vacation guide. Summer is a great time to visit. As part of our travel series, we’d like to share a few things to do in Lake Tahoe.


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