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Consumers Rely on Short Term Lending

Younger consumers rely on cash advance loans as a way to avoid overdraft fees. According to a study by ThinkFinance, Americans aged 18 to 25 are using short term credit services at a greater rate than previous generations. The study found that many young consumers use short term loans for bad credit as overdraft protection, securing funds to cover expenses and avoid banking fees. The money allows the borrowers to better manage their finances between pay periods.In times of financial st...
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Avoid late fees with cash advance loans

Late or missed payments can severely damage a person's credit score. This can make it difficult to get an auto loan or buy a house. Poor credit can even prevent you from getting a job. Cash advance loans can be used to avoid missing payments on bills or credit cards and other regular expenses.The loans provide access to credit that can help cover expenses until the next payday. A typical loan is for fewer than $1,000, and is repaid within two weeks. This makes the loans a good option for any...
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Minor automotive repairs can become expensive quickly

Regular car and truck maintenance is ignored by many vehicle owners, but keeping track of repairs could help these people save money down the line. According to KABC, delaying automotive upkeep can cause serious long-term financial issues for car and truck owners. While short-term bills can significantly impact many Americans, people who invest in minor repairs regularly could avoid substantial maintenance costs in the near future."Well, the spark plugs can go up to 100,000 miles. And so pe...
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Delaware to debate loan regulation

A bill to place additional regulations on short-term loans will soon be debated in the Delaware legislature, as it has passed the State Senate's Banking Committee.The legislation aims to limit the number of cash advance loans a borrower can obtain within a year. Borrowers will be restricted to five $1,000 loans in a 12-month period. A database would also be established to help track the number of loans issued, default rates and the amount of interest and fees paid.Cash advance loans and othe...
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The value of payday loans

Payday loans are a great source of short-term credit. These quick and easy loans can give borrowers the cash they need to cover unexpected expenses, make rent or pay utility bills. The typical loan is for $300 to $500, providing the borrower with just enough money to keep from falling farther into debt.The loans are designed to be a short-term solution to emergency expenses. Continually relying on payday loans can reduce your financial independence and trap you in debt. For this reason, many sta...
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Car insurance costs are major issues in many states

Automotive insurance is crucial for drivers, as the costs of accidents and injuries can negatively impact a car or truck owner's financial situation. While many policy holders are hoping to save money on insurance fees, recent data shows that these costs remain high in many areas of the country.According to a March 2013 study, the average charges to insure new cars ranged between $934 and $2,699 annually. Researchers also noted that various factors influence car and truck insuranc...
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ways to save around the house

When going down the cleaning product aisle there are cleaning products for windows, toilets, and tubs. What some people don't know is that you can use products you already have in your kitchen. With simple ingredients, you can cut down on clutter in your cabinets and spending.  Baking SodaBaking soda is very inexpensive and can clean many things. Cleaning the toilet - If you pour a cup of baking soda around the toilet bowl and let it sit for at least an hour and flush it, it will absorb...
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Take care of home repairs with a payday loan

After a hard day at work, there can be nothing more refreshing as a nice, hot shower. Hot water is something homeowners tend to not think much about, until their water heater breaks.Payday loans can provide the money needed to cover emergency home repairs. The cash can be used to replace old, faulty equipment or pay a plumber for emergency service. The loans are quick and easy to acquire. People can generally be approved within an hour.A short-term loan for just a few hundred dollars can help yo...
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Delaware considers limit on payday loans

The state of Delaware is considering placing a limit on the number of short-term consumer loans that a borrower may take out over the course of a year. The proposed law is meant to prevent borrowers from continually rolling over what is meant to be a short-term solution to a financial problem.Many states regulate short-term credit by placing restrictions on the number of loans that a person can take. The goal is to prevent people from falling further into debt by relying on the loans as a regula...
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Advantages of payday loans

People in need of cash to cover sudden expenses have a number of options, but payday loans remain one of the easiest ways to get needed money. There are several advantages to using payday loans. The first is that the loans are available to everyone, regardless of credit score.People with bad or no credit are still eligible for a loan. All that is required to apply is proof of regular employment. If used correctly, short-term loans can even be used to improve your credit rating, but late or misse...
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