I authorize Bold Capital, LLC dba Southern Cash and/or its representatives, affiliates, and contractors (“Southern Cash”), subject to applicable law, to contact me at any number listed in my application and to contact any other persons or companies that it deems necessary, including but not limited to those listed in my application, in order to verify or obtain information that Southern Cash requires in connection with any credit access service(s) for which I apply or have applied, or in collecting or attempting to collect any debt(s) that I owe to Southern Cash or to an entity for which Southern Cash is the loan servicer. I authorize Southern Cash and its affiliates and contractors to request and receive consumer reports from time to time pertaining to me from any Consumer Reporting Agency, which reports may contain information bearing on my creditworthiness and criminal history, among other information. In the event that additional bank accounts under my ownership are detected and included in a consumer report, I understand that Southern Cash will consider these additional accounts to be part of the application process. Nothing herein contained shall require Southern Cash to extend credit access services to me.

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