How Car Title Loans Work

Car title loans can be a financial lifesaver in times when you may find you need a cash loan

Many people think they need a job, good credit, or expensive collateral in order to get title loans, but your vehicle is all the collateral you need. A car title loan is based on the worth of the car, which includes its age, condition and whether or not the title is paid off.

If you are considering a car title loan, the first thing you should do is fill out an application for quick loans, or call (844) 831-4198 during business hours and talk to a friendly professional loan facilitator. Remember, just because you talk to someone about getting a title loan does not mean you have to accept it, so don't hesitate to contact CASH 1 today.

When you've gone through the application process, a determination will be made on the amount your car is worth and you will be informed of the maximum amount you can borrow. You do not have to take the maximum amount offered. Many people take a smaller amount in order to make it easier for them to pay off the loan.

When an amount has been agreed upon, paperwork will be drawn up that indicates the terms of the loan, any fees involved, and the time that will be required to pay it off. Reminder: up until the time that you accept the cash, you are not obligated to take the loan (even if you've signed the papers).

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