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motorcycle title loans

Motorcycle Safety Tips

You know Motorcycle season is almost year around if you live in Arizona or Southern Nevada. CASH 1 Loans would like you to prevent accidents by following these simple safety rules. Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but the statistics show that many motorcycle accidents and fatalities can be avoided. Read More

Title Loans Las vegas

Las Vegas Fun Facts

CASH 1 Title Loans has Las Vegas on our minds. We wanted to share a few fun and interesting facts about the Entertainment Capital of the World. Read More

Installment Loans Eyeglasses

These Products Do Expire

Do You know When These Items Expire? You can save quite a bit of money when you stock up on items that you use on a regular basis. Knowing when things expire can help you make better decisions about your purchases. Read More

Halloween Spending

Spooky Celebrating

Halloween is right around the corner and Americans are shelling out some serious dough… $6.9 billion. According to Alliance Data Retail Services, next to Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, Halloween is fourth on the popular holiday list. Read on to see what Americans spend their money on for Halloween. Read More

Installment Loans Help Can with Eyeglass Replacement

Installment Loans Can Help Folks Replace Eyeglasses

Maybe you fell asleep binge-watching the latest series and rolled over on your glasses. Or maybe on a particularly slow-rising-morning you dropped your contact lens down the sink. Or if you have kids, well, you know how they can be with their eye wear. These are only a few of the reasons you may need expensive emergency corrective lens replacement. Read More

Texas Installment Loans Snake Bites And Dogs

Snake Bites and Dogs

Being active with your pet is healthy and fun for both of you. But, before you decide to venture out you should know that poisonous snakes bite at least 15,000 dogs and cats in the U.S. every year. The State of Texas is home to 15 venomous snake species or subspecies and Texas has one of the highest envenomation fatality rates. Read More

Installment Loans Can Help Folks With Bed Bug Infestations by CASH 1 Loans

Please, Do Disturb The Bed Bugs!

Bug infestation of your home can cost thousands of dollars if not treated right away. The most common critters of late are bed bugs. These parasites have been around for thousands of years, but have made a substantial comeback in the last decade. 80% of bed bugs are believed to be in hotels and motels. Read More

How to Protect your Pet's Paws this Summer

Keep Your Pets' Paws Safe This Summer

Texas is ranked as one of the highest states in average summer temperature. Keeping your pets safe from the summer heat should always be a top priority… Especially when it comes to hot asphalt. Read More

CASH 1 Loans Can Help You Save On Pet Spending

The Multi-Billion Dollar a Year Spending on American Pets Game

Americans will spend an estimated $58 billion this year on their pets. CASH 1 Loans offers some saving tips to keep your furry friends healthy and happy. Read More

Installment Loans Can Help Folks Without Emergency Savings

Texas Installment Loans Can Help Folks Without Emergency Savings

There are nearly 70 million Americans without emergency savings. It's not difficult to feel helpless when your bills are due before your next payday or an expensive emergency happens. Relieve the stress by getting funded instantly when the unexpected strikes. Read More

Title Loan Arizona Title Loan Nevada Insurance

Reasons to Keep Your Auto Insurance

When it comes to monthly expenses your car insurance should be a top priority. A lapse in your auto insurance, even for one day, will raise your future rates.Read More