Are These Energy Vampires Sucking You Dry? [INFOGRAPHIC]

CASH 1 is known for our easy personal loans, but we do enjoy sharing money saving tips. We're in the Halloween spirit and wanted to talk to you about vampires - the electronic kind. These vamps are lurking in your house and draining your wallet by wasting electricity when they're plugged in and not being used.

Flat Screen TVs

Save up to $160 a year

Maybe unplugging all your TVs when they are not in use sounds like too much of a hassle? You can buy Advanced Power Strips (APS) on the cheap. These plugs will keep your stuff from using power when not in use.

Video Game Consoles

Save up to $75 a year

That Playstation or Xbox could be drawing power when it's not in use. To solve this problem you can connect your monitor or TV and the game system with one strip and click it off when you're not gaming.


Save up to $40 a year

Your home computer or laptop should be set to 'sleep' mode after 20 minutes or less. Do the same with any external monitors.

Kitchen Appliances

Save up to $15 a year

Your kitchen has a few devices, right? Each of those small appliances can cost you up to 5 bucks apiece. You're wasting a lot of money if you leave them plugged in when not in use.

Home Theaters

Save up to $13 a year

Fancy home theater systems with surround sound can pull some serious power when not in use. Hook 'em all up to a power strip and click the switch when not in use.

Cable Boxes

Save up to $11 a year

Many folks have 3 or 4 cable boxes in their home and when they are not in use they are costing you 11 bucks apiece. And remember, if a device has an electric clock on it - it's probably an energy vampire.

Laser Printer

Save up to $5 a year

Most of us have a printer in our house. Most of us don't use it too much and most of us forget to unplug it.

Portable Device Chargers

Save up to $4 a year

How many portable devices are charging in your home? Phones, tablets, cameras, handheld game consoles will dramatically increase power consumption. Unplug them when not in use. We're always looking to save you money any way we can. If you're having trouble paying the electric bill this month, come see us at CASH 1 to get easy personal loans.

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