RV’s Are Your Good Time on Wheels [INFOGRAPHIC]

RVs are your good time on wheels. It's travel season again and RVs are a convenient way to get around. Here's an infographic with facts about RV owners. And if you need extra cash, remember to put your RV to work with RV Title loans.

What Can You Do with an RV?

  • Spend more quality time with your family on the go
  • Halt wherever you feel to spend time to enjoy campgrounds on various campsites
  • Convenience of visiting places and attraction you would not normally see
  • There are over 13,000 privately owned RV parks and over 1,600 state parks for RVers in the USA

RV Owner Stats

  • More than nine million American households own an RV
  • 1 out of 10 vehicle owning households in the US owns an RV
  • Buyers aged 35-54 are the largest segment of RV owner
  • 90% of owners say that it’s the best way to travel with kids and family
  • Despite rising fuel costs, RV travel is on the rise with 47% more people choosing to travel by RV.
  • A family of four can save 23-59% on vacation costs by traveling in an RV
  • 450,000 RVers live in their vehicles
  • 54% bring their pets when they travel in RV

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