Benefits of Title Loans in Las Vegas [INFOGRAPHIC]

When the unexpected happens and you need emergency cash there are only a few options to get a quick loan. If your credit is less than spectacular and you have a car - Title Loans Las Vegas are a good source for cash. You can use the equity in your car as collateral for a secured loan that could get you up to $50,000. Here are some of the benefits if you get a loan from CASH 1 Title Loans.

Title Loans in Las Vegas are Fast

CASH 1 Loans application process is simple and hassle-free. It usually takes less than a half an hour and you'll get your cash right after you qualify and finish the paperwork.

Easy Application for Title Loans in Las Vegas, NV

CASH 1 Loans has an easy application. To begin your car title loans online process, you'll need to have the following things:

  • You Must Be 18 years Old
  • Your Car
  • Proof of Income: SSI, Disability or Payroll Check
  • A Government Issued I.D.
  • A Clear Car Title
  • You Can't Be on Active Duty in the Military
  • Minimum of 2 Personal References

Simple Process

After you complete the application, you get a loan amount. Bring your vehicle to one of our stores for inspection, complete your documents and drive away with cash! There is no traditional credit check when you apply for a loan at CASH 1 Loans.

Get Your Cash

If you don't have emergency savings, no traditional credit check title loans are best for unexpected expenses. After you get approved, you can use your cash for whatever you need. Your paycheck, disability check or SSI can all be considered income.

Make Your Payments

Personalized payments are flexible with weekly, bi weekly or monthly payments according to when you get paid. Payments can be made at the store, through credit/debit cards or over the phone. Whichever payment options you choose, CASH 1 does not charge additional fees for any of the payment options provided.

More questions? How do title loans work?

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