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New Job? No Paycheck? Try first pay loans

New Job, No Paycheck? Try First Pay Loans in NV or AZ

Updated on October 23, 2022


Getting a new job is exciting, especially if that job comes with a new town to move to and a new place to live. You’re going to need a few things to get yourself started in your new phase of life, but then you realize it's going to be three weeks before your first paycheck.

Do You Need First Pay Loans at This Point?

Only you can answer that question, but it’s no surprise to run into expenses during moving that you were not expecting or forgot. Maybe your rental moving truck got a flat and needed to be fixed immediately, or perhaps you forgot to plan on eating when you got to your new place. Don’t laugh; it’s a common oversight when people move from one location to another; we all get caught up in the details of planning a move and often don’t account for expenses when we arrive.

Why You Would Need to Get Cash Now with No Job

Are You Moving To A New Town?

Perhaps you haven’t switched towns, but rather just moved to a new and better opportunity in your career and there are still unexpected cash needs.

Did You Transition From The Warehouse Floor Into The Office?

Chances are you’re going to need a new work wardrobe.

Did Your Commute Change From Short Distance To A Lengthier Drive?

You might want to look at taking care of any vehicle maintenance expenses you’ve been putting off.

Did You Get An Unexpected Bill?

When you switch from one job to the next, payroll schedules can put a damper on your finances, especially if an emergency payment creeps up during that time. This could be anything from monthly bills to unforeseen circumstances such as needed vehicle repair. You’ve got a new job, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of broken transportation, especially if you live somewhere the local public buses don’t go.

Is Your Credit Card Is Due Before You Get Paid?

Perhaps you were planning on making that credit card payment as soon as you got your first paycheck and then find out you won’t get the check until after the payment is due, and the last thing you want to do is damage your credit with a missed payment.

Ask yourself if it’s better to miss a payment and damage your credit or to cover your expenses during this transition period and pay off a short term loan. Search online for instances where people have contacted their credit card companies with stories of hardship or temporary financial setback and discover whether the card issuer was sympathetic or they just went ahead and raised the interest rates on the card to ridiculous levels.

Despite what you might have heard or read, short term installment loans are not just for people with bad credit or no credit. Such loan services can be convenient and even necessary means of covering short term financial setbacks or unforeseen expenses. 

You Started Your Job but Need a Loan

So let’s say you have a new job, some expenses have popped up that you didn’t account for, and you need cash; maybe $1,000 to $5,000, or somewhere in that ballpark. Your options may be limited. You could ask a family member or friend for the money as long as you’re sure such sums will not become an issue and affect the relationship. Or you could sell something of value online or at a pawn shop, though parting with a family heirloom in such circumstances seems as though would bring you more stress than it relieves. Or you could look into a short term installment loan or title loan – particularly from CASH 1 – and take care of those expenses.
Small loans (at least, they’re small when compared to the minimum amounts banks are willing to loan) are not just for those with iffy credit scores or no credit at all. Small loans have shorter terms than credit cards and in the long run, better fee structures and interest rates.

Reasons to Get a Paycheck Cash Advance

  • You’ve decided that getting a bank loan isn’t an option
  • Asking a friend or relative would put unneeded strain on the relationship
  • You can’t part with that family heirloom or those collectibles you were hoping to hang on to for a few years more
  • A small loan can be approved in as little as 30 minutes and reduce your stress load

How to Prove Your Income with No Paycheck

At some point during the reading of this article, you probably wondered how you’re going to prove income if you don’t have the first paycheck yet. Chances are you have a letter (usually an e-mail) informing you that you’ve been hired on at your new job, or at least you’ve filled out the hiring paperwork such as a W2 for or something similar. When you do this, simply ask your new employer for copies of the forms. If they indicate the income you’ll be making, then that will likely suffice concerning proof of income!

If you need a cash advance loan while you're waiting for your first paycheck, contact CASH 1. At CASH 1, you can apply for a variety of online loan options in the comfort of your own home. If you can provide proof of employment and sufficient funds, or own an automobile to use as collateral, you may qualify for a Las Vegas cash loan with bad credit or Phoenix auto title loan through CASH 1.

CASH 1 never requires a traditional credit check for a loan in Nevada or Arizona. All you need is a checking account where the money will be deposited shortly after approval. We have CASH 1 Loans locations in Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson in Nevada. In Arizona, you can stop by and apply for Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale or Chandler title loans today and take care of all of your necessary payments while you wait to get paid.

Apply in the morning, have your cash by the afternoon, and by dinnertime, you’ll enjoy your meal knowing that your expenses are covered.

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