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What is installment savings?

Installment Savings Explained

Updated on January 18, 2023


There are nearly 70 million Americans without an emergency fund. It’s not difficult to feel helpless when your bills are due before your next payday or an expensive emergency happens. Relieve the stress by getting funded instantly when the unexpected strikes.

You might be surprised how many people don't even consider a short-term installment loan or title loan for urgent matters because they don't think anyone else would consider that particular issue to be urgent. Did that make sense? Let us try to be a little more clear: an 'urgent matter' has a different meaning for different people, and the context of the matter can be important for some, while not so much for others, depending on the circumstances.

In other words: what might be an emergency to some, is not for others. What matters is whether any given situation is an emergency to you, and what you can do about it.

OK, we might still be sounding kind of vague, so let's talk about some specific situations that some might feel are urgent, while others might not, and why it's crucial that you to define for yourself what constitutes an emergency.

For instance, we know of a person who has a horse ranch in Kentucky. This ranch, aside from having horses, has all the ranch-style trappings that you might imagine when you think of the word 'ranch'. There are stables, a barn, a shed, large, green fields, a small circular paddock, stuff like that. Moreover, as is generally the case in any environment where hay is plentiful, there is a rodent problem.

Stay with us; we're definitely going somewhere with this.

Rodents are a problem around livestock because they can carry diseases, or multiply to the point of plague proportions, eating all the grain intended for the larger animals. Many horse farmers use feral cats to control the rodent population. In case you didn't know, feral cats are those who look like domesticated house cats but are actually wild animals. In fact, most feral cats tend to shy away from humans (side note, there is a rather large colony of feral cats at Disneyland which keep the rodent population in check, which is ironic considering the park's primary mascot).

Now, the life of a feral cat can be pretty sweet, especially if there is a regular food supply, but because these animals live in the wild, they are subject to the hazards that come with the lifestyle. They might get attacked by a bird of prey, or fight with each other, or just run into the occasional angry dog. In any case, when something serious happens to these cats, they're taken to the vet to be put to sleep. It might sound harsh to you and me, but the reality is, most places that utilize feral cats can't afford the constant vet bills that they'd receive for treating these injuries. Our rancher friend in Kentucky doesn't like having to put the cats down, but it's a necessity when trying to balance animal populations. This is especially true when the primary purpose of the ranch is the production of livestock.

So a serious injury to a feral ranch cat is not necessarily an emergency to the owner of the ranch. However, a serious injury that happens to your cat? That's an emergency. That's a situation you might not have the money for and might consider getting a cash loan to pay for the unexpected visit to the vet.

See what we're getting at?

If you are considering quick loans for an emergency, you have to define what 'urgent' means to you. Here are a few other situations where you might consider utilizing an installment loan:

Using Emergency Installment Loans

A college student is short a few hundred bucks for books needed for the semester. She works a part-time job and knows she can have the money required in a month or so, but if she cannot purchase the required course texts now, she is likely to fall behind, and her grades will suffer. She might consider this situation to be an emergency and take a look at what small loans might be available to her to make sure she stays current in her classes, especially if she knows she will be able to repay the loan in a month or two, but get the books she needs now. Is this an urgent situation? It certainly seems like one. However, what if some of the textbooks don't become necessary until later int he semester? This is often the case when multiple texts are used in classes where a lot of reading is required. In this case, then perhaps the urgency is only for those texts that are going to be needed right now, and our student can purchase more books later on when it becomes necessary.

Here's another scenario; nice and short. A vehicle breaks down. Is fixing it an urgent matter? That depends on several factors. Is it the only vehicle available? Some households have two or three vehicles and the mechanical failure of one of them does not put a hardship on anyone. Are alternate methods of transportation available? If so, perhaps fixing the car is not such an urgent matter (and we're not just talking about the city bus. If the weather is fair and you don't live too far from work, perhaps a bicycle might be a viable alternative).

CASH 1 Has You Covered With Emergency Installment Loans

When faced with an unexpected development in your life (and if there's one thing we at CASH 1 can guarantee, it is that unforeseen developments will occur in your life), it is important to consider how important the resolution of that development is to you. Is there an emergency need of a financial infusion of cash in your life? Have you considered all the alternatives? Most importantly, do you have a reasonable expectation that you will be able to repay a title loan or installment loan? If you're not sure about the answers to that last question, give us a call and one of our friendly loan professionals will get you the information you need to make an informed, responsible choice.

From Reno to Vegas or anywhere in between, no traditional credit check Installment Loans could get you up to $5,000 within 24 hours. The safe and secure online application is available all day, every day. Many personal loans are due the next time you get paid, but Installment Loans are not due in full for 6 months. This allows you more time to set up a better financial plan with CASH 1 Loans and make smaller payments. You also have the option of paying the loan off early without any penalty fees.

Easy Emergency Installment Loan Requirements

If you're a new customer, before you fill out the online application you’ll need to have a Nevada Driver’s License (or Nevada ID), a steady source of income, an open and active bank account, a valid email address and phone number. If you have questions or wish to apply by phone you can contact our CASH 1 Loans Customer Service Team 24 hrs a day at: 888-858-9333.

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