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Pet safety tips while travelling

Travelling With Pets? Read These Tips

Updated on March 20, 2022


We might be known for our Title Loans, but when it comes to hitting the road with your pet, CASH 1 has some tips to prevent any unexpected emergency, avoid pet loans and unwanted stress.

Be Vigilant

No matter how well you think you might know your pet, you can never be too sure of their reactions when they are in the car; they might not respond too well to a loud noise or another unknown stimuli. Your dog might want to jump out of the car at the smell of something good or your cat might want to rest between your legs while you're driving. So make sure you take all these points into consideration and keep your furry friends safe at all times.

Keep Pet Food

Unexpected delays can always happen on the road so if your plan includes pets, make sure you have additional pet food at your disposal. If there is a delay, you might have to sit in your car for a longer period of time which might cause your dog to get really annoyed. Thus, you must always prepare in advance and extra pet food will always come in handy.

Sedate Your Pet

The whole idea of calming your pet with medication (if the pet is frightened) might seem a tad too much. However pets can face anxiety when they are in a vehicle and therefore giving them a sedative might prevent trauma or another similar incident.

Crate Your Pet in Your Vehicle

You can also crate your pet if you are going on a road trip. A lot of people might think that it is okay to let your pet roam around in the car freely. Pets can be injured if the car is prone to sudden movement or stopping. Avoid an accident and keep your pet protected.

Replenish Fresh Water

Pets need water, no matter how long or short the travel might be. This is particularly true if you are on a long journey. Pets need loads of water on long travels and warm days thus make sure that you have plenty at hand if you want to keep your pet safe and normal.

Breaks Are Essential

If you are traveling for a long distance or period of time, it is best that you take breaks. Most highway rest stops do have specified areas for pets. Your pet will need a lot of different stops to stretch and get rid of their waste. Be prepared by carrying bags with you and that you are taking breaks in between.

Make Your Pet Comfortable

Another important thing that you need to take into account is the comfort level of your pet. Make sure that you do not leave your pet alone in the car on hot or warm days whether or not the windows are open. This is because a car’s glass traps a lot of heat and the temperature in the vehicle can quickly rise to dangerous levels.

Keep Your Dogs Heads Inside Your Vehicle

Your pets must always be kept safely in the car. Pets who are permitted to stick their heads out of the car can easily be injured through particles of debris or otherwise. So make sure that your pets heads are inside to protect them from cold air going in their lungs.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone

A lot of us tend to take pit stops when we are traveling but leaving your pet in the car is not a good idea. The temperature in your car can easily heat up and cause a lot of unnecessary damage to your pet. Whether you are held up for a long period of time or not, just make sure you do not at any cost leave your pet in the car.

Traveling On The Plane

The aforementioned tips are when you are traveling by car. If you have a pet to take a long with you on the plane, here are a few tips that you might want to consider:
• Different airlines come with different rules regarding pets and when it comes to permitting pets in the cabin. Make sure that you find all of these rules out before you book a flight.
• Different airlines additionally have different standout programs when it comes to bringing pets on board. For instance some airlines offer points for bringing pets on air so this is something that you must take into account to save money with your pet and benefit yourself in the most exact way possible.
• Try to purchase a carrier that takes the smallest amount of space and make sure that you don’t forget a luggage tag that lists all your information along with any type of paperwork required.
• In addition if your pet is flying in the cabin, you have to check if the airline will permit you to take your pet in the cabin with you. Moreover you must also check if the airline will have any kind of special pet health and immunization requirements.
• Additionally, when you are taking your pet through airport security, your pet will have to go through a lot of security screening with you. You will most likely have two options; you have to assess if your pet is securely harnessed so that you can easily contain it while it is outside her carrier while it is being X-rayed.

A lot of us have pets these days and traveling with pets is not easy at all. It can become easy if you are considerate of certain rules and keep the aforementioned tips in mind but it can also become a nightmare if you are not careful. If an emergency does occur and you find yourself in need of some emergency cash, we offer title loans in Las Vegas and Phoenix on trucks, cars, RVs and motorcycles. 

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