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What Are Wedding Loans?

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  • March 29, 2019 |
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Wedding loans cover unexpected expenses on your special day

Your daughter is getting married next week, and it’s not going to be a small, intimate occasion. She’s wanted a big wedding since she was six, and every detail has been planned down to the letter. The venue, the caterer, the band for the reception, the florist, the cake… It’s been months in the planning.

You’ve gotten to know the groom, and he’s a good guy, with better prospects than you had when you were his age. You respect him, and you can see it in your daughter’s eyes when she talks about him; he’s going to take care of her, and your grandchildren. You know – you’re not entirely sure how you know, but you do know – that this will last a lifetime. And you are keenly aware of what a rarity that is these days.

While your daughter daydreams of the years to come, you secretly think of all the spoiling you will heap on your grandchildren; the thought makes you smile, almost in secret. You decide you will embark on a few projects as your grandchildren grow. There are some books you want to read to them, and others you will convince them to read on their own. You’ll keep track of their growth with permanent marker lines on the wall, right next to where you did the same thing with their mother. You will go out of your way to make the Holidays extra special, extra magical; you intend to be the most grandparent of grandparents in the history of grandparents.

You can see far into the future; the soccer games, the recitals, the birthday parties where your daughter will lightheartedly complain about how much you spoil them one year and then seriously complain about how much you spoil them the next. But think of all the memories, and of course, you intend to take picture of every moment that-

The photographer!

Frantically, you think back over the months you and your daughter spoke about all the details that needed to be taken care of and realize she never once mentioned a wedding photographer. But she couldn’t possibly have forgotten about that, could she? That’s not a minor detail for a wedding.

So you call her and you nervously ask, with the excuse that you’re just being overly cautious.

“It’s OK, Mom”, she says without a trace of worry in her voice, “We’ve got a friend helping out with that. Saves us a few bucks.”

No. You know how this will go. The pictures will be very low quality, and while she will plaster a smile on her face when she shows you the recorded events of the most important day in her life thus far, you know she’s inwardly disappointed.

“But we’re all out of money”, she protests. You can tell by the tone in her voice she’s beginning to realize you’re right. “It’s OK,” you reassure her, “We’ll take care of this.” You know you don’t have any extra money right now either, but that’s a minor detail. This is far too important to just let it go, to trust such importance in the hands of an amateur photographer.

So maybe this exact situation doesn’t happen all that often, but you get the idea. Unexpected or last-minute expenses happen on occasion, and sometimes they’re too important to pass up. That’s what CASH 1 is here for. Come see us online for Payday Loans in Nevada, and we’ll help you solve those unexpected financial problems.

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