Cash Advance Loans FAQs

When it comes to borrowing money, it's always good to stay informed about every little detail of the loan you are planning to take out. If you are interested in getting a Cash Advance, we have curated some of the most frequently asked questions related to cash advances below. Select the section that relates to your query and find an answer in the drop-down.

Loan Basics

A cash advance is an emergency loan option that you can use to suffice your short-term financial needs. They are ideal when you need quick cash to cover unexpected expenses like car repairs, medical bills, or home maintenance.

CASH 1 offers several types of Cash Advance Loans to meet varied personal finance needs:
1. Online Cash Advance with a Personal Line of Credit: If you are a resident of Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri or Louisiana, you can apply for a cash advance loan with a line of credit from $100 to $2,500. This type of cash advance loan allows you to make multiple withdrawals up to your approved credit limit.
2. Cash Advance with Personal Installment Loans: Based on several qualifying factors, we offer Nevada residents easy Personal Installment Loans from $50 to $5,000. These loans are short-term, 90-day fixed payment cash advance loans that are based on your monthly net income as well as ability to repay.
3. Cash Advance with Title Loans: Depending upon the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the amount, we can allow you to get up to $50,000 with a loan against your car title. You can apply for this cash advance option online, by phone or at one of our convenient locations throughout Arizona and Nevada.

Cash Advances are particularly used as a quick-fix solution for financial emergencies. Getting a cash advance when you urgently need cash could be a wise call, but like any other loan, it's not advisable to borrow cash advances more than what you need and frequently.

In many cases, you may not have more than one cash advance loan outstanding at any time. You can always get in touch with our loan officers, who can help you better understand how and when to use cash advances safely.

The rules and regulations for Cash advances vary depending on your individual state laws and your lender. In addition, the minimum loan amount one can borrow also varies based on the state in which you currently live. With CASH 1, you can be rest assured as we strictly comply to the lending Best Practices as published by the INFiN, a Financial Services Alliance and the regulations imposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Loan Application

Yes, you can apply for CASH 1 cash advances online as well as in-store. We've kept the application process easy and straightforward so that you can get your cash in less than 15 minutes. You can even apply and get pre-approved by calling our toll free number 1 (844) 203-0502. Once you are pre-approved, you can visit the nearest CASH 1 location to sign the loan documents and drive back home with your cash.

You can apply online for a Cash Advance loan in just a few easy steps from the comfort of your home:
1. Start by filling our online application form with your basic information such as your name, phone number and valid email address. You might also want to keep your bank account number, routing number and social security number handy to add to the online form.
2. Once you submit the online application, one of our friendly loan agents will contact you and assist you with the loan process.
3. We then provide you with all available options based on the information you provide us through your loan application and conversation with our loan agents. 4. Once you get approved for a Cash Advance, we deposit the money directly in your bank account as soon as the next day.

Although the documents required to get a Cash Advance may vary from one state to another, you need to meet basic loan requirements before applying for any loan from CASH 1. The standard documents include: A valid government-issued I.D. to prove you are at least 18 years old and your state of residence. Proof of income like your W-2 forms, pay stubs, tax returns or bank statements. Proof of open checking account or direct deposit card.
Please remember that you cannot be on active duty in the Military. Apart from these basic loan requirements, you'll need to provide us with your Bank account number, routing number, and social security number if you apply online.

Yes, CASH 1 has multiple physical store locations in Arizona and Nevada. You can visit our Arizona Stores or Nevada Stores page to view individual store details and their respective operating hours. Apart from the physical stores, we provide 24/7 online services for residents of Utah, Idaho, Kansas and Missouri.

We don't run any stringent credit checks or hard inquiries when you apply for a cash advance loan. Moreover, we aim to make borrowing money easy and quick without hurting your credit scores. You don't need to worry about the positive or negative impact of cash advances on your credit score unless you make payments on time. All this makes cash advances a perfect solution for people who have no credit or bad credit.

Once you get the loan approval, you can visit any of our convenient locations near you to pick up your cash in less than 15 minutes! Since there are no middlemen involved, we approve loans fast and you get your money within a few minutes of applying for a cash advance. Borrowers also have the option to either visit one of our store locations and get the funds in cash or get it directly deposited in their bank account via ACH. Whatever the case may be, you can get cash in your pocket on the same day the loan is finalized.

Yes! Yes! Definitely yes! We are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of our customer's personal information. Moreover, our staff knows and follows their ethical and legal duty to keep all your data confidential. We use a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for data transmission on our encrypted server to ensure your personal information is safe at all times. Remember, CASH 1 will never ask for your password, so if you receive an email or call on our name asking for it, disregard it and contact us on 844-203 0502.

Once your application is successfully submitted, one of our loan officers will contact you to provide an estimated loan approval amount. At CASH 1, both loan application and approval are fast and hassle-free, so much so that you can receive a cash advance within a few minutes of applying. You also have an option to apply for a cash advance online and get pre-approved. The pre-approval process will further speed up the process of getting cash during emergencies.

Yes, CASH 1 offers Cash Advances for people with bad credit or no credit. Your loan approval largely depends on your ability to pay than your credit score. You can either use your vehicle title or your income as your collateral and get a cash advance loan without any traditional credit checks.

CASH 1 accepts all credit, so our loan experts will closely work with you to help get you the loan you need. To begin the loan process, you can apply for a cash advance loan by visiting your nearest store location, clicking the 'get started online' button, or calling us at 844-351-3758. After helping you complete the application process and closely reviewing your information, our loan representative will let you know the amount of loan approved. You can then decide how much cash you need within the agreed amount.

Having an active checking account and a steady source of income is the prerequisite of getting Instant cash advance loans at CASH 1. A checking account makes disbursement and repayment of loans easier. Hence, you might not qualify for a cash advance if you don't have a checking account.

CASH 1 can't guarantee the approval of your loan. Our products and services offered may vary based on your eligibility and applicable state or federal law. Specifically for Cash Advances, your loan approval can depend on various parameters like your ability to repay, your state of residence, the value of your vehicle if you're using the title as collateral, and so on.

Loan Repayment

CASH 1 offers flexible repayment plans for cash advances ranging from 90 days up to 18 months. For more details, you can select your state for detailed information on loans available, rates, terms and licences here.

CASH 1 provides you with several options to make payments. First, you can drive down to one of our stores nearby to pay your monthly payment with cash or your debit card. Yes, you read that right! At CASH 1, you need not pay back your entire cash advance loan on your next payday like a traditional cash advance. As a second option, you can sign up for auto-payments using ACH payments. This electronic payment system automatically transfers your payment from your bank account on a predecided date, making loan payments easy and safe. To know more about our convenient payment options, you can call us at 844-969-1396.

Yes, you can choose to pay off the loan early at any point. CASH 1 will charge no fees or penalties for early repayment of your Cash Advance loan.

If you cannot pay your loan on time or miss a payment, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on our toll-free number or visit your nearest store location immediately. Failure to make timely payments knowingly or unknowingly may result in late fees and other charges. We understand that sometimes you might need some extra time to come up with all the funds, and we could help you in every possible way if you let us know about your inability to make payments on time well in advance. However, remember that additional fees and interest may still apply. To avoid such circumstances, you must read the state-wise terms and conditions and know before you owe section provided during the lending to understand the full scope of possible outcomes you might face if you miss a payment and default on a loan.

You can request your cash advance loan rescission within 24 hours without being charged a fee or interest.

Loan Refinance

Whether you can renew or refinance your loan will significantly depend on what your state's laws and rules allow. Be sure to read the renewal policy in the loan terms carefully before signing the loan contract. We would also recommend you compare all available loan options and select the best suitable option to avoid the situation of renewing or refinancing your cash advance.

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