Line of Credit Loans FAQs

A Line of Credit is one of the best borrowing options when you know there will be repeated cash outlays, and the amount you will need is unknown. While there's a lot more to this type of open-end credit than you may think, feel free to explore our Frequently Asked Questions related to CASH 1 line of credit loans below. Select the section that best matches your query for prompt help.

Loan Basics

A Line of credit loan is a loan where you're approved for a credit limit. The credit limit is the maximum amount that you can withdraw. You can make multiple withdrawals whenever you need, the full credit line is yours to use as you need. Pay back in scheduled payments or all at once at your convenience. You will only pay interest on the amount borrowed and the rest of the credit line is open for future use.

A Line of Credit works a bit different from a traditional loan. When applying for a personal line of credit, you apply just once and are approved for the maximum amount. Withdraw money when you need it up to your approved amount. You can choose to borrow only what you need now and the rest remains available if needed.

With a line of credit, you apply for loan once and we approve the amount you're eligible to withdraw. If you qualify, you can make multiple withdrawals up to your approved amount. Unlike with payday loans or installment loans, you must repay the complete loan before you borrow more money. But with a line of credit loan, as soon as you repay your loan or principal amount, you can continue to borrow up to your approved amount. Thus a line of credit gives you the freedom to borrow whenever you need.

A Line of Credit is good choice for borrowers who aren't sure how much money they will need and having an open Line of Credit always helps. Considering it offers more flexibility to how and when to use funds. A Line of Credit can be used to handle unexpected expenses in case of an emergency.

For over 20 years CASH 1 has been providing hassle-free loans to people denied by traditional banks and other lenders. At CASH 1 we know you’re more than just a credit score. Our approval process is streamlined providing you with access to cash when you need it.

Loan Application

Once you are ready to apply for a line of credit, simply click “Apply Now” at the top of the page. Keep in mind, the documentation needed to apply will vary by your state. Below are the easy steps you’ll need to complete to apply.
Step 1: Complete the application online and provide your personal information.
Step 2: Receive your instant pre-approval amount decision in seconds.
Step 3: Decide the amount you wish to borrow (up to the maximum approved amount)
Step 4: Accept your loan and set up payments.
Step 5: Electronically sign your loan agreements.
Step 6: Receive your cash directly deposited in your bank account.

The Line of Credit is currently offered in Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana and Idaho.

In most states you will only need the following to apply for a line of credit:
  • 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Proof of Income
  • Open Checking Account
  • Not on Active Duty in Military

Requirements for New Customers.

Currently we offer loan amounts/credit limits from $100 to $2,500. Approved loan amounts can vary based on your income, ability to repay and state of residence. Please review our Rates and Terms page to learn more.

We all know life can throw lemons at you anytime. In these times it's best to have an emergency fund to tackle unexpected expenses, but we all know sometimes that's not possible. A line of credit provides you the money faster to handle it. You apply just once and the money remains open for you to withdraw anytime. You only pay interest for the money you withdraw. If you don't use, the funds remain intact for any future use.

The interest rates are specific for your state. For loans available in your state, you can view fee information here.

No, you do not need to apply again after you paid off your Line of Credit loan. You can use the same Line of Credit established initially and continue to withdraw money up to the maximum approved credit limit until your Line of Credit expires.

You can continue to use your Line of Credit as many times to withdraw money till you make timely repayments.

Loan Repayment

Yes, make your first 3 payments on time and we will increase your credit limit by $100. The best way to increase your credit limit is to set up Auto-Pay.

With a Line of Credit loan, payments are due on your next pay dates either bi-weekly or monthly. Usually, your payment(s) will be withdrawn from your checking account on your loan’s due date via ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Yes, you can make pre-payment if you have funds available. We don't charge any pre-payment penalties. If you make a partial payment of the amount you have borrowed, the rest amount will be paid via automatic withdrawal on scheduled payment date via ACH (Automated Clearing House).

CASH 1 will work with you to establish payment arrangements for your Line of credit loan and get you back on track. And We're committed to collecting past due accounts in a professional, fair and lawful manner. If you are unable to pay your loan on time, please contact us as soon as possible to your local store or our toll free number

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