Title Loans FAQs

When it comes to borrowing money in a need, title loans appear to be one of the most handy and quick solutions. If this is your first time applying for a title loan, we understand that you may have some reservations. You can make an informed decision if you have a more detailed insight and in-depth information about title loans.

To assist you, we've compiled all of the frequently asked questions about title loans.

Loan Basics

Yes, to get a title loan you need to have a clear and free vehicle title in your name. Clearly, you have no ownership right on the vehicle if you don’t have your name on it’s title. CASH 1 can provide you a loan without title in hand only if your name appears on the vehicle title. Apart from a clear title, the registration on the vehicle must be current with your name and have full coverage insurance for loans over $2,500. In other cases where you are still making payments to get the title in your name, we can still help you to get up to $5,000 with our Registration loans in Arizona.

No. A title loan will have neither positive nor negative impact on your credit score. Also, when you apply for a CASH 1 Title Loan, there are no hard inquiries performed that could hurt your credit score. This makes title loans perfect for people who have no credit, just started to build their credit, or a poor credit.

Loan Application

At CASH 1, you can get from $100 to $50,000 for a title loan in Arizona or Nevada. Your loan amount will be mainly based on your need, the value of your vehicle and your ability to repay. To know more on this, read our detailed blog post on “How Much Can I Get for a Title Loan?”.

Yes, we can lend you a title loan on any car regardless of its age. The process of applying is the same where we will evaluate the value of your vehicle to tell you how much you can expect to get from your loan. If you’re ready to apply, our friendly title loan officers will personally guide you through every step of the process.

No. We don't offer title loans with a lien. At CASH 1, we need you to have a clear vehicle title in your name that can be used as collateral. As an alternative, you can apply for a registration loan without worrying about having a lien on your vehicle title. Using the equity that you've accumulated in your vehicle, our AZ vehicle registration loan can get you upto $5,000.

Getting a title loan without a title can be difficult. When you don’t have a clear and free title in your name you are not considered the owner of the car. However, if you are making payments on your car, our loan officers can help you get an alternative registration loan which doesn't require a title in hand.

Yes, it is possible to get a salvage title loan in some cases. The requirements of getting a loan on a salvaged car will remain more or less the same as a regular car title loan.

Your Arizona Title Loan can cost you 10% monthly (120% APR) for all the borrowings over $5,000. This rate can range from 13% monthly (156% APR) for loans over $2,500 up to $5,000, 15% (180% APR) for loans over $500 up to $2500, and up to 17% (204% APR) for loans of $500 or less. Your Nevada Title Loan can cost you 14% monthly (168% APR) for all the borrowings over $3,000. This rate can range from 20% monthly (240% APR) for loans over $150 up to $3,000. CASH 1 abides by individual State Statutes for fair and fixed monthly interest rates for all.

No, a vehicle inspection will be required. Like most title loan direct lenders, we will need to carry out an on-site vehicle inspection. The inspection process will be quick where we check to make sure your VIN number on your vehicle matches the VIN number on your title and the car is in proper working condition. So once you're approved, simply bring your vehicle to one of our stores, sign the loan agreement and drive back home with your cash.

Yes. There is no limit to the number times you can use your vehicle to get a title loan. Getting two car title loans on the same car at the same time is not possible. If you take a title loan on your vehicle, the lender places a lien on your title so you no longer have a clear title. To take out another title loan on the same car, you will need a clear and free title. But, you can get a second title loan using your other car’s title. That way you can have two different title loans using the equity you have built up on two different vehicles.

Yes, we can get you the cash you need with a car title loan, even if your vehicle is registered in another state. The vehicle does not have to be registered in-state but the applicant for a Title Loan does have to prove in-state residence.

Yes, any previous case of bankruptcy may not affect your chances of being approved for a title loan. When you apply for a title loan, we check your current ability of repaying the loan and the value of your vehicle. So if you have had bankruptcies in the past which have been discharged now, you shouldn’t worry.

Yes, you might be able to get a title loan with your name on the title along with anyone else’s. Two names on the title implies two people registering and owning the vehicle together. How the names appear on a title is essential in determining how CASH 1 processes the loan. When “AND” or “AND/OR” or “OR” join the parties names, both parties need to sign the agreement acknowledging the loan/lien if only one party is going to be financially responsible for the payments.

Yes, it is possible to get a title loan with a cosigned car. Adding a co-signer on a car loan is very common in order to help you qualify for your car loan. However, this makes the cosigner a partial owner of your vehicle. You have two options to get a title loan with a cosigned car. 1. You can remove the cosigner from the title before applying for a title loan. 2. You and your cosigner can together get a car title loan. If you need cash urgently and have a cosigned car, contact us so that we can help you get through the process correctly.

Loan Repayment

You can pay back your title loan according to your pre-decided loan term. While we offer variable loan terms as per customer requirement for our Arizona title loan, the maximum loan term for our Nevada title loan is 7 months. Based on your convenience to pay, you have flexibility to choose your loan term within the maximum loan term limit.

Yes, you can pay your title loan in full even before the loan term ends without worrying about any prepayment penalties. Moreover, if you are stuck with a title loan of any other company, we can help you get it refinanced with lower payments and longer repayment tenure.

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