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Ways You Can Use a Short-term Payday Loan

Easy Approval for Loans in Nevada

This month's energy bill came in higher then you expected? Find yourself needing more cash to cover unforeseen costs? Avoid stress and possible late fees. Use your income or equity in your vehicle to get cash now. Use it for any expense you may encounter; car repairs, groceries, pet emergencies, school expenses or whatever your need may be. With CASH 1 Nevada Title Loans or Installment Loans you get the money you need fast.

Bad Credit? No Problem.

CASH 1 knows how difficult it is to get a loan when you have bad credit. We don't run traditional credit checks when you apply for a Personal Installment Loan or Title Loan.

The Nevada Loan Process

  • Apply Online

  • Get Approved

  • Get Your Cash

Requirements for Nevada Cash Loans:

  • You must be at least 18
  • Proof of income
  • Government Issued ID
  • Bank Account
  • 2 personal references
  • You can't be on Active Duty in the Military
  • Clear Title to the Vehicle (for Title Loans)
  • Proof of full coverage insurance (for Title Loans of $2,500 or higher)

Are You Borrowing Responsibly?

We suggest that you consider the amount you get paid and determine how much you can realistically pay back within your budget. We do allow you to renew your loan, and if you do, please make sure that you put some amount of money towards your balance every time. That little extra will lower your balance and interest you owe, which will decrease your payment. A continuous cycle of loan payments without paying your principal down will end up costing you much more in the long term.