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A line of credit gives you extra money on standby whenever you have an emergency expense or you're short on funds. You can apply online using our secure and simple application. CASH 1 makes it easy for you to get a Personal Line of Credit Loan.

Once you're approved, you can withdraw your cash at your convenience from your available credit. Unless you choose to close your account, your credit line remains active even after paying off your balance. You won't need to fill out another online application to get cash again.

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How Does it Work?

Follow these steps to apply for an easy line of credit loan.

  • Apply Online

    Apply Online

    Fill out our application with your personal information. It's safe and secure.
  • Get Your Cash

    Get Your Cash

    Once approved, you can select the amount of money you need and get it as soon as the same day.
  • Make Payments

    Make Payments, Increase Your Credit

    When you make three on-time payments in a row, we'll increase your line of credit!


    What is Required?

    1. Louisiana Resident
    2. 18 Years of Age or Older
    3. Open Checking Account
    4. Proof of Income
    5. Not on Active Duty in Military

    Requirements for New Customers.

    Louisiana State License

    CASH 1 is licensed in Louisiana by the Department of Financial Institutions.

    Louisiana Line of Credit FAQs

    Read our list of frequent questions and answers to learn more.

    Absolutely! A line of credit allows you to pay the loan back in affordable installments over a certain length of time. Charges only accrue on the cash you withdraw, not on your total credit limit.

    A payday loan requires you to pay it off in full when you get your next paycheck. The problem with this repayment structure is that most people do not have all the money when the loan is due.

    Do you have more questions? Please check out our Line of Credit FAQs.

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