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Getting extra cash for an unexpected expense in Missouri can be challenging, especially when your credit score is lower than most lenders are willing to accept. CASH 1 offers a fast and easy online lending solution with a line of credit.

Once you're approved, you'll be able to borrow at any time up to your credit limit amount. In addition, your Line of Credit is revolving, which means it will stay active even after your balance is paid. So when you need cash again, you will not need to re-apply with us unless you closed your account.

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How Does it Work?

Here's how to get a line of credit loan online.

  • Apply Online

    Apply Online

    Fill out our simple and secure online application with your personal information.
  • Get Your Cash

    Get Your Cash

    Once approved, select the amount of money you'll need and get your cash deposited into your account.
  • Make Payments

    Make Payments, Increase Your Credit

    You can repay with scheduled installments or all at once. Increase your credit line when you make three on-time payments in a row.


    What is Required?

    1. Missouri Resident
    2. 18 Years of Age or Older
    3. Open Checking Account
    4. Proof of Income
    5. Not on Active Duty in Military

    Missouri State License

    CASH 1 MO, LLC is a state-licensed Consumer Credit Lender with the Missouri Division of Finance.

    Missouri Line of Credit FAQs

    Here's a list of commonly asked questions by our customers.

    Your initial line of credit limit will often start at $500 depending on qualifications. With continuous on-time payments, you will be rewarded and your line of credit can quickly reach up to $2,500.

    Do you have more questions? Please check out our Line of Credit FAQs.

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    Access your available credit.
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    Cash 1 Mobile App

    Download Our Mobile App

    Access your available credit.
    Manage your existing CASH 1 account 24/7.
    Make payments conveniently.

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