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Can I Refinance My Title Loan?

Yes, You Can and We Can Help!

Refinancing a title loan is an easy and sensible way to help you lower your monthly payments. Why should you tolerate the annual percentage rate or poor customer service of your current title loan company if you can easily switch to a new lender that cares?

You can call us and let us know that you want to refinance car title loan, before filling out any loan applications. CASH 1 will then make every effort to meet or beat your current loan rate and get you the most money. All you need is a few minutes and some documents to help reduce your burden of high monthly payments to more tolerable ones even if your credit score is low.

How to Refinance a Title Loan

We make the process as simple as possible while we meet or beat your current loan rate. Our friendly loan officers will be by your side to guide you whenever you need them during the entire process.

Here's how a car title loan refinance process works: 

  • Give us a call at 844-831-4198 or come visit our store near you.
  • Provide us your existing Title Loan information.
  • The status of your existing loan will be verified as will the lienholder on your vehicle.
  • Know how much you could save per month from our loan officer.
  • A visual inspection of your vehicle will be carried out to estimate your car’s value.
  • Complete a new application form with us.
  • Furnish a few necessary documents to avail a Refinance Title Loan.
  • Once your application has been processed, and your loan transfers to CASH 1, you get to keep driving your car, and maybe have some extra cash in your pocket, too!

What Is Required to Refinance My Title Loan?

Here's a checklist for the documents that you'll need to refinance your title loan with CASH 1. You should keep it handy while preparing to get your new car title loan without delay.

  • Proof of monthly income to ensure you will be able to repay the loan. Example: a paystub or banking records will suffice.
  • A government issued ID. Example: Driver's License or State ID card.
  • Proof of full coverage insurance is needed for loans of $2,500 or higher.
  • At least 2 personal references.
  • Open checking account
  • You can't be on Active Duty in The Military

Get Extra Cash With Title Loan Refinance!

A boost in your monthly savings is always significant, and refinancing a title loan at a lower interest rate is one of the easiest ways to do so. Not all car title loans are alike. Fees and interest rates can vary widely from one car title loan lender to the next. So the potential for saving money may reach well into hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.

Since CASH 1 Loans charges less, we'll pay off your existing title loan and give you a new title loan at a lower interest rate, putting more money in your pocket. That means you could get a little extra just by switching your loan with another title loan company to us even with bad credit. So why not!

When Should I Refinance My Title Loan?

At CASH 1, we understand that you could have problems or complaints with your current title loan lender and that may not be limited to high-interest rates or monthly payments. The reasons to start looking for a new lender to refinance your car title loan can vary from person to person, but here are the most common.

Woman giving a thumbs up for CASH 1 title loans refinance services in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe or Glendale, Arizona and in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno or Sparks, Nevada.

You Are Getting Poor Customer Service

Refinancing your car title loan gives you a second chance if you are experiencing poor customer service with your current title loan lender. If you feel that you're charged unnecessarily high-interest rates which you cannot afford, our friendly loan officers can help you to refinance your existing title loan at a relatively lower interest rate.

You Need to Accommodate for New Expenses

During a financial emergency, you might get a loan against your car title without much research and later struggle to make a payment. However, there is something you can do to make room for an additional expense each month-Refinance your Title Loan. We could help you pay off your existing loan and issue a new one that could save you money.

You Are at Risk of Default or Repossession

Are you falling behind with your car title loan payments? One of the best ways to avoid the repercussions of default is to refinance a title loan. Even when you are at the risk of repossession, you can refinance the loan with a new lender who can pay off the entire loan in one go and in turn issue a new title loan with interest rates that suit your budget.

How Can I Benefit by Refinancing My Title Loan?

When you choose CASH 1 to refinance your existing loan on your car title, we like to listen to your expectations first. Knowing what you expect from title loan refinance companies helps us to offer you the best possible loan refinancing and make your experience with us better.

Better Payment Plan

CASH 1 title loans have no prepayment penalties, and there are no surprise fees or balloon payments. If you refinance your title loan with us, you can enjoy a low, fixed-rate payment evenly divided up throughout your loan term. They are conveniently due on your pay dates, making it easy for you to remember and avoid any sort of default.

Lower Interest Rates

Refinancing becomes worthwhile when you can find a loan with a lower rate. On the same pending loan amount, you can look for title loan refinance companies that charge less interest. If you check with our loan officers, you'll find our interest rates are competitive, which makes borrowing from us much cheaper.

A Lender Who Cares

Our responsibility to refinance a title loan doesn't end by paying the pending balance of your current mortgage and giving you a loan with a reduced interest rate and easy payment plan. Considering the uncertainty of events in life, we aim to make funds available to people during financial emergencies, even those without a job or a clear car title.

How Much Can I Get Refinancing a Title Loan?

Based on your car's current value and your ability to repay the loan, one of our friendly loan officers will help you get the best deal when you refinance your title loan with us. You can talk with them and know the rate of the loan and how much you can get.

To know the exact value of your car, you will have to bring your vehicle along so that we can inspect your vehicle.

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