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Secured Loans in Arizona and Nevada

A secured loan is the money you borrow that is secured against an asset you own. Secured loans are often used to borrow money in an emergency. The term 'secured' refers to the fact that a lender will require something as security in case you cannot pay the loan back.

CASH 1 secured title loans services in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, or Glendale, Arizona and in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, or Sparks, Nevada.

What is a Secured Title Loan?

A Secured Title Loan is money you borrow against the vehicle title you own. Get a secured auto loan from CASH 1 Loans and get the maximum amount of money you need from your vehicle. Our loan amounts can range from $150-$50,000 by using the title of your car, motorcycle, RV or truck.

Get Emergency Loans with Auto Titles

Emergencies and unexpected expenses create hurdles in everyone's life and if you are unable to cover these surprises you can use the equity of your vehicle to relieve the pressure of these financial burdens. The money from your loan can be used for any expense you may encounter:

  • Medical emergency
  • Payment for high utility bills
  • Car maintenance or repair
  • Payment of mortgage or rent
  • Child's education fees
  • Delay in an expected income
  • Out of savings
  • Or, whatever you need

Have a Loan with Another Company?

If you already have a loan with one of our competitors, we can help. We may be able to refinance your title loan and get you a lower interest rate in the process. In most cases, that means CASH 1 will pay off your existing loan and give you a refinanced Title Loan at a lower rate, saving you money on a new loan with lower payments!

Remember to Borrow Responsibly

We suggest that you consider the amount of your next payday and determine how much you can realistically pay back within your budget. We do allow you to renew your loan and if you do, please make sure that you put some amount of money towards your balance every time. That little extra will lower your balance and interest you owe, which will decrease your payment. A continuous cycle of loan payments without paying your principal down will end up costing you much more in the long term.

How to Apply for Secured Loans

To complete your application, you will need to provide the following things:

  • Your Car
  • Proof of Income
  • Government Issued I.D.
  • Clear Car Title
  • Not on Active Duty in The Military


Available in Arizona and Nevada.
Auto Equity Loans available in Arizona only.

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Secure up to $50,000 today using your car as collateral!

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