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30 Day Loans Are a Convenient Alternative

Updated on March 11, 2022


There are two things we can tell you with absolute certainty when it comes to the difference between a typical bank loan and a short term personal loan from CASH 1:

1) The banks require you to borrow a minimum amount depending on the type of loan you're seeking and it's usually around $10,000 or more (auto, second mortgage, home improvement; these are all loans that would have a minimum borrowing amount starting around $10,000).


2) It takes years to pay off a bank loan.

With a personal loan from CASH 1, you can pay off your small loan in as little as 30 days, depending on the terms you agree to when you apply. It's always a good idea to remember that you do not have to borrow the maximum amount possible, and you will never be pressured into borrowing more than you can pay off. Since bank loans take years to pay back, there is no way any bank can guarantee you will be able to pay off the loan due to their inability to see into the distant future.

But a personal loan from CASH 1 can easily become a 30 day loan in Phoenix that you can utilize for any reason and have it paid off in a month, with no more to worry about once the terms of the loan are fulfilled.

Everyone knows debt can be a source of anxiety, and too many people often become bogged down in unnecessarily crushing debt. But with a short term loan, needed finances that only require a small amount of extra money to cover - for instance: unforeseen car repairs, or veterinary bills - can be taken care of over the course of a few paychecks and then become history.

30 Day Loans in as Little as 30 Minutes

And while many banks promise a same day approval process, you might find that they have one reason or another to delay the process, while same day loans are a definite reality at CASH 1. Our streamlined loan application process can take as little as 30 minutes and have you on your way with your cash in hand. Not even the banks can deliver that, with the end result often being that you will receive your money in 1 to 4 weeks (though we're willing to bet the interest rates kick in immediately).

You see, it's not just about convenience, it can often be about need. If your car breaks down, would it help at all if you had to wait a few days before getting the money to pay for it? You know the answer to that, and having cash in hand by the end of the day is a far better situation than having to scramble for a new mode of transportation, or get a ride with someone to work, or whatever else you need your vehicle for.

The personal short term loan you get from CASH 1 doesn't have to be limited to a 30 day repayment system. We have loans that can be paid back in 3 months if that would be more convenient. Our professional and friendly loan advisors will work with you to get the best terms possible for the amount of money you need, and there are never any pressure tactics or attempts to sell you into something larger or unnecessary. That's another thing the big banks can't claim these days. More and more reports are coming out that large lending institutions are using sales tactics and quotas in order to get customers into loans they might not even need. And that's just for people with good credit!

With CASH 1, you can get a cash loan for bad credit, or no credit history at all. We use only your income, personal ID and one or two other requirements to make sure you will be able to pay off the loan in time and get the cash you're looking for. And because life takes its unexpected turns, we will work with you if in the unlikely event you are unable to pay back your loan on time. That's part of our commitment to provide you the best lending service for a small loan possible, and it's not hard to figure out why. If we took a hard line response to someone unable to pay off their loan, then we not only lose a customer, but our reputation is damaged. We don't want either of those things, and we're sure that as a customer, you don't either. It just makes sense, doesn't it? IF we work with you, then you're more likely to work with us, and use our services again in the future.

Borrow Responsibly with a 30 Day Loan

That's why CASH 1 strongly encourages responsible borrowing. We probably don't have to tell you all about what happened ten years ago when the larger banks seemed to forget the concept of responsible lending; the economy took a dive, people lost their homes, their pensions and in many cases, their jobs as companies were forced to cut back. As one large banking institution officer said 'For a time, we were lending to anyone who had a pulse.' The results were disastrous, as you may recall.

While we do lend to customers with bad credit or no credit, we never loan to anyone who cannot pay back the loan under typically normal circumstances. Your proof of income (such as your paycheck stub) is the basis for your loan; not some complicated credit report and the hope that nothing goes wrong during the years it takes to pay back a large bank loan. You'll be secure in the knowledge that you'll have your loan paid off in 1 to 3 months and you can get on with your life.

For whatever reason you feel you need some cash, sometimes in as little as 30 minutes, come see us at CASH 1; we have locations throughout Arizona and Nevada. Or you can stop by (chances are you're already there if you're reading this) and fill out our online application to see if you qualify for a short term personal loan.

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