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Small Personal Loans Can Get Your Boat Out of the Garage

Updated on April 20, 2021


It's almost summertime! And it looks like it’s going to be a warm one. Got all your summer toys ready to go? What do you mean the boat’s having engine problems? We can’t let that happen, now can we? Don’t tell us you’re going to let all this Phoenix lakes fun happen without you. It’s OK, you’re not the only person who got tied up with life over the winter and then came to discover they don’t have extra cash to tune up the watercraft. Happens to everyone, believe us. So what do you do now? Turn on the sprinklers in the back yard and watch the kids run through it while your boat sits in the garage collecting dust and monthly payments?

This isn’t what you bought it for! You still remember when you purchased your watercraft, right? You had visions of towing your kids on a giant inflatable toy while your wife basks in the sun and you hang out on the water all day with no thoughts given whatsoever to work or other responsibilities. You bought that boat so you could take mini-vacations all summer. You bought it so that even if your wife and kids are busy, you and a couple of buddies could out to the lake and pull some fish out. You had a ton of plans and now they’re all sitting on the back shelf in your mind.

You think she and the kids are perfectly fine with backyard splashes in the inflatable pool? Sure, they’re supportive, they understand, they know the engine can’t fix itself and you’re not a marine mechanic. They don’t complain, because they love you and they know you love them. But you can see it in their eyes, and you know you probably have that same look. The longing to spend a full day running around Lake Havasu in your boat, waving to your friends, and spending the evening savoring barbecue while looking at your toy, sitting peaceful in the serene, waveless water the way it was meant to. Maybe you’ve even enjoyed a moonlight cruise with her while someone kept an eye on the kids.

All that you wanted to do this summer but you can’t because something’s wrong with the engine, or electrical system, or whatever, and you’ve tried your best to figure out what it is but can’t and you’re thinking you just don’t have the extra cash to take it to a mechanic. Now imagine what you’ll be doing next Fall when the weather turns chilly and your boat sat in storage all summer, the kids are in school, and no one’s talking about the great memories they made splashing around in the little pool in the back yard. That’s not what you envisioned, is it?

CASH 1 has small personal loans services for just such an occasion. Get your watercraft tuned up or fixed and get out on the water, knowing you and your family are sharing great experiences that will never happen exactly the same way again. Apply online for a We know where the lakes are. We know where you want to be. Have a safe boating season.

Photograph of author Joseph Priebe

Joseph Priebe

Joseph Priebe takes pride in assisting audiences with his articles to help them make sound financial decisions.

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