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Find the best title loans in Arizona

Find Some of the Best Title Loans in Arizona

Updated on February 13, 2022


Who Provides Some of the Best Title Loans in Arizona?

We'll get to that in a minute, but first, we have some information you might find useful.

Car title loan laws are different from state to state, which is why you might find them called something else such as a 'title equity loan' or something like that. For the sake of clarity and legality, we can't just say we offer short term loans with your car, which is why we specifically call them auto title loans.

CASH 1 offers some of the best title loans in AZ because we make the process of borrowing money based on the title of your car painless and straightforward as possible. Our loan amounts can be up to $50,00 depending on your car's value and your income.

However, there are a few things you should know before making an essential decision like borrowing money based on the value of your vehicle. To keep this information as succinct as possible, you can read the title loan definition here or explore title loan alternatives here. You can also find out more answers by checking out our Title Loans FAQs section, or giving us a call and letting one of our friendly loan professionals get the loan terms for you. 

How to Get One of the Best Title Loans in AZ

  1. You need your vehicle's title or at least verified registration.
    OK, that may sound a bit elementary, but you'd be surprised how many well-meaning folks head out to get an Arizona title loan on their vehicle and forget they don't have an actual title on it. You can see why having this would be important. We have to be sure someone isn't borrowing Uncle Joe's Ford without Uncle Joe's knowledge, or at the very least, establish true ownership of the vehicle.

    Sometimes people will purchase a car in places like Craigslist and won't get a title. If you have this particular problem but have documentation as to where or from whom you bought your car, then check out the process of registering your car.
  2. The title must be in the name of the person applying for the loan.
    This would be that same old Uncle Joe issue again. One does not simply walk into CASH 1 and say 'this is my cousin's car, but he's cool with me getting a title loan on it.' See the potential problem? This isn't even necessarily an issue with dishonesty or theft.

    Again, sometimes very well-meaning people will loan their car to a friend or family member and even give them permission to get a title loan on it, and those other well-meaning people will come in and begin the process of applying for a loan without realizing that Uncle Joe needs to either transfer the title to his family member or apply for the vehicle title loan himself.

    Side note: If you've lost the title to your vehicle, our CASH 1 Authorized Third Party (ATP) stores can provide MVD services to help you get a replacement (duplicate) title. Just one of the many reasons why we offer the best title loan services in AZ.
  3. All persons whose names are on the title need to be present for the application process; with verifiable identification.
    If you and Uncle Joe bought a car together and the title has both your names on it, then he's going to need to come down and at least give his approval that he's aware of the loan being applied for and that the car which has him as one of the names on the title will be used as collateral for the loan.
  4. You can get a title loan with a lien on your car.
    If you're still making loan payments on your car (such as to the dealer or the bank), you can get a smaller loan with a lien on your vehicle and the equity in your car. Again, if the vehicle is registered to Uncle Joe, then he'll need to be there for the application process. Registration loans are based on how much you've paid into the existing auto loan.
  5. You can pay the loan off any time during the payoff period.
    Want to pay off your title loan fast? Great! We encourage this as part of our commitment to support responsible borrowing. Maybe you need the money today but know you're getting a bonus at work or an influx of cash in the next two weeks. We will not penalize you for getting out of your title loan and having it paid in full early.
  6. You get to keep using your car.
    This isn't like a pawn shop where you bring something and get a redemption ticket. You get to keep using your car. By the way, we recommend getting full coverage insurance during the period of your loan, just in case anything happens. A title loan with no insurance can be problematic. 

One of the Best Title Loan Companies In AZ

If you have a bad credit score and you're looking for a title loan near you in Phoenix, title loans in Chandler, AZ or the state of Arizona, the answer is CASH 1. Who provides one of the best title loan services in Arizona? We do. Sure, you probably expected us to say that, and while anyone would be tooting their own (car)horn on their website, we can say in all seriousness that we genuinely do provide some of the best bad credit title loans in AZ. Talk to us and find that out for yourself and then apply online for Arizona title loans.

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