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How to get financing for eyeglasses

Loans To Help Folks With Eyeglasses Financing

Updated on January 18, 2023


Maybe you fell asleep binge-watching the latest series and rolled over on your glasses. Or maybe on a particularly slow-rising-morning you dropped your contact lens down the sink. Or if you have kids, well, you know how they can be on their eyewear. These are only a few reasons for emergency corrective lens replacement — That's what we call it, anyways — And it's expensive. The average cost of a pair of eyeglasses is $125 and if you have a stronger prescription the price is more. Some of us can function without glasses or contacts, but if you can't then you know that you need immediate replacements.

You have to get to work and be able to see. If you can't afford your contacts or glasses personal loans for bad credit could help cover the cost for up to 90 days. Visit a CASH 1 Loans location believes that prevention is the best medicine for emergency financial situations. We compiled a list to help you avoid the stress the next time something does happen to your corrective lenses and save a little money.

Prevent Emergency Eyeglasses Financing

Buy Two Pair Of Glasses In The Beginning

It's always a good idea to purchase a second pair of eyeglasses. If you have a strong prescription and cannot function without your specs, then you absolutely must have two. Usually, you can save quite a bit of money because opticians offer special discounts for second pairs if they are bought at the same time.

Buy Contacts In Bulk Online

Much like specials for eyeglasses, online contact lens stores offer great deals when you buy more. The more you have, the less you worry about losing one lens.

Have A Back Up Pair Of Eyeglasses

We know that people suggest donating your old glasses, but if your prescription has not changed significantly, it's wise to keep your previous glasses to use as a spare. You can donate the previous pair to your spare.

Consider The Frame Strength Before Fashion

Fortunately, the current fashionable frame is thicker and not the flimsy wire frame from back in the day. But, that will probably change soon, so you should always consider a durable frame material strength before your purchase.

Avoid Scratching Your Lenses

Tissue and other paper products are made of wood and they will scratch your eyeglass lenses. Ask your optician for proper cleaning cloth and stop there by often for more. Why pay for it when you can get it for free? Hopefully, you read this before any emergency and you can enjoy our 'Old-Timey' infographic and learn a few facts about the eye and corrective lenses... We did.

Fancy Facts: Your Eye and Corrective Lenses

3 in 4 Americans need some form of corrective lens. Sailors believed that wearing golden ear rings improve their vision. The fastest muscle in the human body is the eye. Over four million pairs of glasses are thrown away in the USA every year. The average price of glasses in the U.S. is $125. 31 is the average age of Americans who use contacts. 50% of women wear glasses. 67% of contact lens wearers are women. 42% of men wear glasses. Vision uses 1/3 of your brainpower. Baseballs are the most common way for eye injuries to occur. Around the year 1286 eyeglasses were invented in Pisa, Italy. These 'eyeglasses' were made of two framed crystal stones or glass. People held them to their eyes using a handle. Spinach and other dark-leafy vegetables are best for your eyes, not carrots.