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What to buy in September

Get Your Summer Stuff in September - What To Buy and Not Buy

Updated on February 1, 2023

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Labor Day is a great time to snag some sweet discounts on summer clearance goods. If your patio is looking a bit shabby or if your bike or grill are on the outs - September is a great time to buy. CASH 1 might be known for our easy cash loans, but we do enjoy a good deal and would like to share our thoughts on what to buy in September.

Save on Travel to Las Vegas, San Francisco and more

If you have a hankering for Vegas - September is the time to go. The temperatures are a little milder and the deals are hotter! has a 50% off Labor Day Sale for Phoenix, Oahu, San Francisco, San Diego and a few more fun places to explore. is rocking up to 50% off on select hotels in Las Vegas when you book by 12:00pm (Central Time) on Wednesday September 2, 2015.

Load up on Summer Gear

Don't get caught up on new fall fashions - wait until October. Your best buys are still shopping for Summer apparel. Hey, it stays warm most of September anyways. You could always buy more swimsuits, shorts and summer dresses for that inexpensive getaway to Vegas!

Do Some Grillin' with That New 'Cue

Most of us grill all year around, but a grill is considered a seasonal item. That means huge, deep discounts in September. The stores want to move these large items and make room for the Fall and Winter seasons. And while you're out there in the snow - remember to grill your food safely.

Upgrade Your Patio Furniture

Just like grills, stores want to dump these space hoarding items and make room for the Winter goods. You'll save up to 40% if you can grab these deals.

School Supplies Are at the Best Prices in September

If you were able to hold out buying new supplies for kids or office - Now is the to snatch them up. Laptops and consumer electronics make up 16% of Labor Day sales. PC laptops deals and Apple discounts are almost as good as Black Friday.

Replace That Lawnmower and Outdoor Equipment

If your garden & landscaping tools or lawnmower are a bit rusty - September is the best time to to replace them. You can get ready for that Fall cleanup with snazzy new equipment.

Hiking and Cycling Gear

If you're an active hiker or rider, September is a great time to replace your shabby cycling and camping gear. REI has 30% off until September 7th.

Wait for Black Friday to Buy These


The start of Football season draws high demand for fancy new sets. If you can hold off your TV envy until Black Friday or after the Big Game in February - you'll do some serious saving.

Big Appliances

Maybe you're looking to replace that refrigerator or would like a quieter washer and dryer. Labor Day does give you up to 30% off, but Black Friday has appliance stores giving them away at half off.

Video Game Consoles

keep your youngsters or that 40 year-old living in your basement in check until Black Friday. Games are usually 35% less and the older model consoles could be as low as 60%.

Cooking Ware

Don't let the Labor Day sales fool ya - The day after Thanksgiving can get you deep discounts up to 70% off your kitchen needs.

Where to Shop for Labor Day


Well, it's a no-brainer to go online and see what the deals are here. There's an Off to College section if you're still in need of school supplies.


They launch their Labor Day sale on September 2nd. Scoop up some radical deals on some great quality mattresses and furniture.


Their Labor Day kick off sale ends Wednesday. They have big discounts on furniture and mowers.


You can't go wrong with office supplies and school needs. They even offer a 110% lowest price guarantee for back to school through September 19th.

Overstock.Com Or Offers.Com

If you have something against Amazon or drone delivery - These are two other online options to search for great deals. At CASH 1 we hope you enjoy saving money as much as we do. We understand that following a budget doesn't always work out as you planned and if you find yourself in a little financial bind you can get cash now with great installment plans. We're a direct lender of installment loans - so there's no middleman.