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Save money on clothes with fashion swaps

Clothing Swaps Are a Unique Way To Save Money

Updated on February 14, 2022

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Clothing in Las Vegas can be expensive, even at the bargain stores. A hundred bucks just a few years ago could land you half your wardrobe, but these days it’ll get you maybe three shirts, a couple pairs of pants and some socks. And where kids tend to grow out of their clothes, adults tend to grow tired of them. Does that sound like you? Do you have boxes of clothes up in the attic because they went out of style or you simply wanted to refresh your look? That’s actually the case with more people than you might think.

Enter the clothing swap.

What is a Clothing Swap?

People are getting together with friends to trade clothes, refresh their wardrobes, and in doing so, save some money on designer clothes. In some communities, fashion swaps are held on a large-scale basis where whole towns will show up and swap their old clothes for someone else’s old clothes; and it’s cheaper than a thrift store. Sure, some folks have a problem wearing someone else’s castoffs (some of us here at CASH 1 have bad memories of an older sibling’s hand-me-downs), but if that kind of thing doesn’t bother you then you cold be saving some substantial money on “new” clothes.

Have a Clothing Swap Party

Some of you might be wondering just exactly how the process works on a community-wide scale. Many fashion swaps are held in community centers or school gyms, and with hundreds of participants, there is potential for a wide variety of clothing available. If you’re thinking about putting one of these together on a large-scale basis, this will probably be the most crucial information you’ll need to know: whatever anyone brings, is what they take out. For instance: if someone brings five shirts and four pairs of pants, they get a printed ticket that notes this information, and that will be all they’re allowed to take with them when they leave. You can even get specific with categories, like “T-Shirts”, “Dress Shirts” “Shorts”… you get the idea. This will help prevent someone from bringing a bunch of old ratty T-shirts and walking out with a bunch of nice business shirts. Any clothes that go un-chosen get sent off to the nearest thrift store.

This is a good way to both save money on clothing as well as help by making a charitable donation. In addition, this is also good for the environment, as it does not put demand on natural resources in order to manufacture new clothing. Of course, it might be small-scale in the larger scheme of things, but all those small-scales add up to a significant impact, especially if your community hosts fashion swaps twice a year.

What’s really great about this concept is that it doesn’t have to be limited to clothes. Many towns host ski swaps, or swaps larger in scope such as sporting equipment in general. That particular barter system does take some logistical effort, but the guy down the street who doesn’t play community softball any more might like the idea of getting rid of his bats and balls and trading them in for some golf clubs.

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