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Simple Ways To Save Money

Updated on February 14, 2022

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We’re all looking for new and simple ideas on how to save money and keep a few extra bucks to make our wallet happy and healthy. Of course there are many ways to save money, particularly if you’re willing to invest a little time and dedication to make it happen.

Here Are Some Simple Money Saving Tips:

Save on electricity

We rely on electricity to power our lights, appliances and electronics in our homes. Make it a priority to save electricity whenever it’s possible.

  • LED’s cost a bit more initially, but they have a much longer life with better light than normal bulbs and lower your bill.
  • Dry your clothes on a clothesline instead of in the electric dryer, it uses a lot of electricity to heat up your clothes to dry them.
  • Lower your water heater’s temperature. 15% of your home’s energy goes to heating water, so setting your water heater to 120° will reduce your energy expenditure.

Energy efficient products and power-saving strategies can help you save money and energy both. It also helps in saving the environment too.

Weatherproof your nest

Get a free or low-cost home energy audit that will teach you inexpensive ways to reduce home heating and cooling costs by hundreds of dollars a year.

  • Cover or seal door gaps, holes, cracks that let warm air escape in the winter and cold air in the summer.
  • Insulate such areas and use window covering to block or let in sunshine depending on the season.
  • Install a programmable thermostat if you want to cut down on energy usage while you’re not at home and regulate the temperature in your home

You could save more than $100 annually if you spend a little time on these tasks.

Save on gas

Gas prices fluctuate often and until gas is free – you still need to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

  • Comparing prices at different stations and using the lowest-octane can save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Also keep your car engine tuned and the tires to their proper pressure which will increase your gas mileage.
  • Clean your car’s air filter on a regular basis. A clean air filter can improve your mileage by around 10% and a fuel savings of close to $.15 per gallon.
  • Routine travel over dusty roads or in a polluted atmosphere may require the air filter to be changed more frequently.
  • Avoid fast acceleration and frequent stops; this could waste several dollars of gas and and increase maintenance costs

Decide on house repairs or remodeling wisely

You house is the place where thousands of dollars are spent and still you feel something more is needed to beautify it.

  • Consider your budget and plan accordingly.
  • Choose the contractors who have successfully performed work for people you know.
  • Insist on a written and fixed-price bid. Don't make full payment until you’re satisfied with the completion of the work.
  • Do research to get an idea of costs and pricing of the materials used.

This can you save you hundreds of dollars.

Find a cheaper grocery store

Many of us used to buy groceries from the same grocery store and never realized what better deals and discounts other stores had to offer. To save money on groceries you need to track some of the items you buy often and compare the prices at other stores. You'll be surprised when you find the same items at a cheaper price.

Avoid the shopping malls

The mall might be a fun place to roam around but it can inflame the temptation of buying something you didn’t planned for. You should avoid the mall unless you really want to purchase something or if you can control your impulses.

Plan meals and save money

Plan your meals around sales and discounts offered in grocery stores. Buy items with great discounts and plan your recipes with those ingredients. Continue with this strategy for a few months and you will see a comparatively smaller grocery bill.

Buy in bulk

The items you use in quantity should be purchased in bulk. For example, trash bags, diapers, laundry detergent. You use these items every day and buying in bulk reduces the cost and provides significant savings.

Pay attention to expiration dates and damaged goods

Double check that the carton of eggs you’re choosing is free of cracked eggs, and that the cans you took are not dented, and everything in a jar is well sealed. Be mindful that product you put in your cart isn't expired or near its expiration date.
Think before you buy Whenever you pick any item to add in your cart, think for a moment and ask yourself whether you really need that item or not. If you don’t find a good reason to buy it, put it back. This keeps you from impulsive buying.

Go for generic brands

Instead of choosing ordinary brands, try out generic stores or generic products. Not only will you save some extra bucks, but you will find some different variety of goods from these stores. Once you get used to these generic products you will see a significant reduction in your regular grocery bill.

Avoid stress-spending

It’s easy to spend money on an unplanned shopping trip and buying needless items just to make yourself stress free from a hectic day. But it’s not a good idea. In fact exercise and meditation could be a better option to wind down your stress. Divert your mind through such brain relaxing tactics or you can watch your favorite movie, listen to your favorite music or spend some spare time with your friends and family.

Use cash on purchases

Don’t be tempted to use your credit card whenever you feel like it. Instead use cash while shopping or buying groceries and don’t swipe that credit card unless there are some great reward incentives. This will help you to control spending above your means and it keeps you from buying items you don’t need. It also makes you aware of your budget and ultimately saves money.

Cash back rewards cards

If you’re looking for an easy way to save money on everyday expenses, look to your credit card for help. That’s right – with the right rewards card, you can save money on everything from your regular bills to your household expenses.

Avoid fast food and pack a lunch

Instead of eating a fast food breakfast or lunch, make a habit to prepare healthy replacements at home which you can have while at work. Such healthy and affordable meals can save you a lot on your wallet.

Try for multi-policy discounts

If you have your car insurance with one company and your home or renter’s insurance with another, see if either of them offers discounts for putting all of your policies under one hood.

Cancel unused memberships

Are you paying for the club membership that you never use? You know, that gym or country club membership? Be honest with yourself and decide if not using those memberships then it’s better to discontinue them.

Go for used items when you can

You can often save money on buying used items when you find that you really need an item. You can look in consignment stores, used equipment stores or even yard sales. There you can get awesome deals and cheaper stuff to save cash instead of buying new.

Shop after the holidays

Many people use this technique to save them a lot for the holidays. Do your holiday shopping right after the holidays. Wait for a holiday to pass and then go shopping for those items you need for that holiday theme. You can get Easter decorating items the day after Easter. Get the gifts, cards, etc. the day after Christmas. You’ll get a good discount and use these items for next year.

Rent out your unused space If you have an extra bed room or a space that’s not being used then rent it out and add some extra income. If you live near a tourist spot or a more popular area it could get you even more money. Be aware of the consequences and be sure to take steps required to ensure your family’s protection and your property. Dump the useless goods

If you have any unwanted items which are collecting dust and occupying space you don’t need all of that stuff anymore, sell them and get some extra money. This will also make your house look tidy and spacious.

Cut down investment fees

Investing in high-cost funds reduces your return. Selecting the lowest-cost funds that meet your investment needs puts more money in your pocket and provides you a significant benefit from your money invested.

Check out free happenings in town

If you look over some venues for activities, you could find many free spots like free tennis and basketball courts, yoga sessions, libraries and a ton of extra stuff for free which not only saves your money but also makes you active and freshens up your mind and body.

Start a garden

Gardening can be an inexpensive hobby if you have a yard. Grow your own veggies such as tomatoes, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce, etc. and save money on buying such vegetables while eating fresh and healthy.

Use public transportation

If public transportation is available near you, use the advantage instead of driving your car to work. It’s far cheaper and you won’t have to worry about the gas expenses or hassle of traffic and vehicle parking.


If anyone you work with lives near you or you find someone who works near your office where the route is the same, you both might use the benefit of carpooling to work. Maybe your spouse works nearby; it’s feasible to use one car instead of going alone every day. This could save you money and reduce additional expenses of having two vehicles being used every day.

Ride a bike

Cycling is a healthy and inexpensive vehicle for traveling. If you close to work, it’s better to go on a bike. Besides its wonderful health benefits; it also saves gas. Your wallet and the global ecosystem will be happy and healthy and you get to avoid the hassles of traffic and parking.

Pack food for road trips

Whenever you hit the road for a leisure trip or family outing, pack some snacks and meals to have it on the go. Instead of searching around for food wasting time and spending too much money at restaurants, it’s better to have some homemade food at a nice rest stop picnic table while enjoying nature.

Use a simple razor to shave

For normal daily shaves, use a simple razor with inexpensive cartridges instead of expensive brand-names. If you’re good with sharp objects, you could switch to the old school straight razor. You can have a great shave with a few careful moves.

Don’t overspend on hygiene products
Buy inexpensive routine hygiene products which work the same as brand name items. You can use cheaper toothpaste, deodorant and other items you use regularly. There’s really no need to buy a $35 scrub when you can use any natural herbal scrub for less.

Save on drugs

Ask your physician about generic drugs. You can save several hundred dollars annually when you switch from brand-name drugs. You can even go for store brand medications, which often cost 20-40 percent less than nationally advertised brands. Find the lowest-cost place to purchase prescription drugs where they give you discounts. Some local pharmacists will give you a nice deduction on your prescriptions if you’re a regular customer.

Quit smoking

If you smoke, you might be aware that it’s unhealthy and expensive. If you are concerned about your money and your life, you should stop smoking for the sake of your loved ones. You can try any anti-smoking product which you can easily purchase at any store.

Cut out the cable

Many people are paying higher amounts for premium packages of TV cable services they don’t really need. Most of us don’t even get the time to sit and stare at the TV, but only a couple of times in a week or a month. A study by a market research firm shows that cable bills will soon grow to an average of $123 per month, or $1,476 per year. Cut the cable or go for smaller packages that have more of the channels you watch and cancel the remaining.

Avoid late payments

Try to make your bill payments on time. This will prevent any late payment charges. Make a reminder of your bills’ due dates if you usually forget and don’t skip them. It’s a very simple way that could save you from useless and wasteful expenses.

Track your cell phone services

You can save a lot by switching from large service providers to smaller companies providing the service for less. Have a look at your monthly bills and discontinue any add-on service or any service you are not using that increases your bill.

Find discounts on bill payments

Many online websites offer cash back or discounts on bill payments. There are some coupons you could use too. Take advantage and reduce the bill amount and save some money.

Save on travel

You can save money on travel with a little right timing and a whole lot of research. Saving money on hotels and cheap car rentals can achieved online with bundling these reservations together.

Keep your bank in check

Avoid bouncing checks and overdraft fees each month. You'll save $20-30 by avoiding only one bounced check each month. Consider using ATM’s from your own bank or credit union. Using ATMs from another financial system usually charges you a service fee on the withdrawal. Saving money is important to CASH 1 and you should maintain a healthy emergency savings. But, we also understand that any financial emergency could arrive at any time. If you ever need extra cash to cover any unexpected expense feel free to check out our title loans in Arizona and Nevada or learn about how a cash advance works.