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How to make the most money at your garage sale

Make Your Garage Sale a Huge Success!

Updated on February 10, 2022

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We often drop money saving advice and the occasional tips about instant approval payday loans or title loans. But today, we're talking about making money. A garage sale may sound like a great idea, and it is, but the immense planning and organizing required can take a lot of energy and effort. It’s not just about putting up a sign! If you really want to make your garage sale a success you need to be willing to put in some effort that ensures desired results and returns. Yes, your efforts will be rewarding! Ultimately, it’s all about making money on things that are only ‘clutter’ to you! To avoid chaos, you need to follow a well thought out and structured plan. It’s not a one-day job and calls for a systematic approach based on long term planning. So here’s a list of useful tips for a garage sale that will help you get started.

Successful Tips for a Garage Sale

  • Chalk out a Plan
    If you want to make money after spring cleaning, you need to have a plan first. Planning and organization are key to a successful garage sale. You need to start collecting the items you wish to put on sale at least 2 to 3 months in advance. A few weeks before the actual sale you need to reorganize the items and also take time to make a list of prices.
  • Team Work
    You might want to call a few friends or family members to help you; especially on the day of the sale. It’s always better to work with a team to ensure that everything runs smoothly and goes without a hitch. A one-man army may lose to chaos!
  • Perfect Location and Time
    It’s not always necessary to hold the sale at your own home; especially if you feel the location may be difficult to reach. If possible, pick a location that is easily accessible and hard to miss. Also, you need to ensure that the timing is perfect. A rainy or freezing cold day may add gloom to the garage sale. Bright sunny days and the summertime are more appropriate.
  • Spread the Word
    Use the power of social media and the internet to put the word out. Put up ads on popular local networks and ask your friends to share the information. Also, invest in a few signs to advertise your sale.
  • Signs and Labels
    Label each item on sale with the expected price. Also, it is important to put signs and labels to mark things that are ‘NOT ON SALE’; especially if you are having the sale in your own house. Put up informational signs for example, if you don’t want people walking around your private space or using your private stuff.
  • Placement
    It may be clutter to you; but you need to make it look useful for the prospective buyer. Placing your sale items neatly and in a way that highlights their use has a greater chance of it being sold. For example if you are selling an old lamp, place it on a table along with other things that give it the look of value. Simply piling up things is never a good idea!
  • Freebies!
    If possible always have a box full of things that you are willing to give away for free! It could be things like old books or CD’s. The Freebies are not necessarily things; it could also be a glass of refreshing lemonade!
  • Check for Permits
    Some locations and areas require a permit from the local authorities to organize a garage sale. Make sure you have the necessary permit to avoid last minute problems.
  • Customer Service
    It is essential to work on your customer service skills! A garage sale, unlike a super market, expects a human touch and interaction. Engage with the customers, answer questions they may have, help them decide and offer your products in a way that makes them see the value and need for it. Well, these are the essential tips for garage sale that ensure a profitable end!

    It’s all about making your garage sale get noticed and offering compelling offers to the customers. If you have ever been to a garage sale you probably know how one ends up buying more things than needed just because the offer was lucrative! As they say, all’s well that ends well!

Everything you put up on sale may not be bought by a customer. You can choose to put it back in the store or donate it to a charity. Garage sales are the best way to de-clutter and make extra space for new and better things! If you are planning on a garage sale, start planning as soon as possible and master the art of organizing successful garage sales. In the end, you will be rewarded with money on things you had forgotten about! And always remember that if you are short on money you can always come see the at cash lenders CASH 1 Loans.