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Can you make money with your Spring cleaning?

Amazing Ways To Make Money off Your Spring Cleaning

Updated on April 20, 2021

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We all need some money, regardless of the period or time of the year. CASH 1 has always offered fast title loans and we're offering up some spring cleaning advice. This year, spring is knocking on the door once again - with a wake-up call for cleaning your closets, reorganizing your room or taking advantage of the space filled with the things you don't need.

But hey, did you know that you can earn something extra from just cleaning and reorganizing your space?

Yes, the good news is that there are tons of ways you can make money from your spring cleaning process, and ramp up your budget. Today, we are listing 5 amazing ways to make money this spring:

Host A Yard Sale

Let's face it - yard sales have always been cool, no matter how old you are. They are traditional and keep the people coming. This year, you can earn from your yard sale once again and prove that your things are not meant for the garbage containers.

Whether it's clothes, music records or books - you can get more fives, tens and in general, something that will help you get the things you need this spring. Obviously, from the things you don't need in the first place.

Sell Your Electronics

We are living in a fast-paced digital world, and making money off selling your electronics and tech stuff is one of the best ideas you can come up with. Bought a new iPhone but you are keeping the old one 'just in case'? Bought a new laptop, but you are tied and sentimental for your last one? Or maybe you bought a new smart TV and don't know if your old one will come in handy for another room, another time?

Brace yourself - times are changing. Electronics and tech are things we can easily reach anytime and anywhere - which means that you don't have to keep these things. Sure, they may have helped you at times, but electricity costs money, and you can make that money by selling them.

Visit The Consignment Store

Cleaning out our closet happens every year, and every year we end up with too much clothes being 'left alone'. We bought them, but don't actually need them - or wore them for ages. The good news is that at the consignment store, you can cash your clothes out.

If you are lucky enough to have designer and brand items in your closet you don't actually need anymore, the cash out process may be even better for you. And if you are wondering where to do this, ThredUP is one of the one-stop consignment store destinations that makes this possible.

Donate Your Stuff To Charity

You can be a better human being and donate your clothes, electronics or books to charity. After all, there is a person who will always need something you don't need.

'Uhm, and what are the earnings with this?' - you are asking yourself.

Well, you can earn a higher tax refund or reduce your tax liability in the first place. The charity organizations tend to value your items and give you a receipt for your donation - one you can actually use on next year's tax return and cash in on your efforts.

Go Digital

We said that hosting a garage sale event is great, but the power of the Internet is even greater. With Amazon, Facebook Sale Groups and Craigslist - you can make money off your spring cleanup as easy as A-B-C.


Well, all you need is the items you want to sell organized and pictured accordingly. The next stop is visiting the channel you want (Amazon, eBay, Facebook Sales Groups, Craigslist etc.), posting the image and negotiating a price. Amazon even lets people bid on your things - which can be a great bang for the buck.

A Final Word

Getting rid of the toys, books, clothes and electronics can also be translated as making a buck for the things you don't need - and allowing yourself the things you truly need. Spring is the best time to do this and prepare for the new season, just like your potential buyers are well-prepared for purchasing the things you want to get rid of. One quick reminder so you don't forget that we offer payday loans online in Nevada if you find you're in need of some extra cash. Sometimes, the extra money you make still might not cover an unexpected expense.