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Arizona Family Vacation Ideas

10 Arizona Family Vacation Ideas

Updated on April 20, 2021


Arizona, the perfect destination with a flawless landscape and a chance to witness the real cowboys. If you are planning a vacation with your family then Arizona is the place with the right set of activities and resorts to spend some quality family time. Here’s a list of various Arizona family vacation spots that you might want to add on your bucket list. Here’s a heads up for you and your family, make sure to pack for a road trip with loads of activities, because Arizona is not your sandy beach and sun tan experience, it’s a place with landscapes, lakes, extreme fun activities all family centered, which will surely end your day with fun.

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

A perfect get away from your routine, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is the place you want to be with your family. This place has everything for everyone under one roof, making sure that none of your family member feels left out in the vacation mode. From motorcar tours to art walks, hot air balloon ride to cooking festival. Still didn’t excite you? Then what about the two 18 hole huge golf courses, which are also popular as the Annual PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Hyatt Regency Resort

Experience the desert oasis with a twist of fun. The Hyatt Regency is spread over 2.5 acre of water playground. Imagine the amount of amazing and exciting water slides, with various pools for you to swim in along with sandy beaches. Within this, the resort makes sure to keep your little one’s perfectly busy which also keeps you busy having your own fun. You have teens? Perfect. Because, the Hyatt Regency offers gondola boat rides, spa services and even junior golf course, all just for your teens. The resort offers a complete Native American culture, the activities, and the services along with the scenery against the mighty McDowell Mountains, the resort will surely want to spend all your vacation days here.

Trail Away in Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Explore Arizona the way it is, take out your family and experience the real deal or in other words, the Colossal Cave way! Spent enough of your time in water parks and resorts? Now gear up, wear your hiking shoes and experience the dead and dry caves of Arizona. By dead we don’t mean to strike the gruesome feels but it means that there is no more growth and formations anymore. The Colossal Cave Mountain Park offers both adventurous and the regular tour. Whatever cave tour program you choose, here’s a heads up, you want to make sure you’re healthy and fit for hiking and long trails. You can also choose to have a horse trail, or better yet, opt for the overnight camping!

Cowboy Steakhouses

Ay, you are in Arizona and still haven’t had the chance to take your family to a genuine steakhouse? Well, you will miss the cherry on top on your vacation if you don’t go to some Cowboy Steakhouses. Mix your steak with a perfect cowboy culture. The place has false fronted buildings, gunslingers, and gimmicks giving you a real experience and country bands that will keep you all entertained while you eat. Make sure your family vacation in Arizona gets the cherry on top.

Family Bonding at The Schenpf Farms

If you are vacationing with small kids, then this place is perfect for a family vacation in Arizona. The Schepf Farms has such an atmosphere where you will have proper family bonding. The resort will give an inside farm tour, followed by a garden club, farm picnics, baking classes, bonfires and all such activities that is entirely family focused.

Experience the West life in Cowboy Style

Arizona and cowboy culture; you must take your family at the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros Wild West Stunt Show. What you saw in movies, see it right before your eyes when the cow boys have a fist fight, gunfights, cow boy stunts and fights with loud explosion effects along with comedy. If you think this is too intense for your kids, then don’t worry, they also have attractions all centered for kids with ferris wheel horse soldiers and train around the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros Wild West Stunt Show.

Making Colourful Memories at The Xtreme Pursuit Paintball

What’s a family vacation without a fun family war? Gear up, load your weapons and find yourself at the Xtreme Pursuit Paintball. The paintball experience will surely leave your family with some colourful memories. And no, your kids will not get hurt at all, the place makes sure to give the proper mask and gears, and the kids are well guided as there is always a referee on the ground.

Jump At heights At The Airworx Trampoline Center

Your money and time Is well invested at the Airworx Trampoline Center. The name itself reveals the amount of fun you and your kids will be having. You’ll sweat your way in fun and yet not regret any tiny bit of it. Mix the trampoline high jumps with dodge ball, and basketball and you will find your children the right environment, it’s like they found their habitat.

Floating on a Houseboat

It’s a boat, it’s a home no, it’s a Houseboat. This is something that you must not have done in your home town, it's Arizona’s thing to rent a houseboat and float away. Take your family for a vacation at a houseboat on Lake Mohave, Lake Powell or on Lake Mead. This is something that has been a Arizona’s family tradition. What’s best is you can cruise your house to any spot, from each angle there’s a new view to look at.

Sonoran Desert Tours

Finally, experience what a desert is like. Get yourself a Sonoran Desert Tour, if your family is all adventurous then you might want to hike yourself and explore the rock formations, ancient ruins, tarantulas, mountains and cactus and much more. Or why not, experience it with a Hummer ride. You can find family tours at Scottsdale and at Phoenix. In case you need emergency cash in Phoenix. With gorgeous surreal landscapes and adventure around every corner, Arizona is the perfect destination for your family. If you’re an Arizona resident, remember that if you find yourself needing some extra funds personal loans in arizona could get you money using your car title or auto equity loans could get you the cash you need even if you're still paying on your car loan. 

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