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10 Helpful Tips for Exercising in the Summer

10 Helpful Tips for Exercising in the Summer

Updated on March 29, 2022


Wear Sunscreen

You should be doing this when you go outside anyway, but make sure you wear sunscreen when you exercise outdoors. You’ll probably be sweating a lot, so pick a sunscreen that will not only protect your skin, but also last through the duration of your workout. Sweatproof sunscreens such as Banana Boat’s Sport Performance Sunscreen Spray and Neutrogena’s CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Lotion exist specifically for this purpose. Also, don’t forget to protect your lips, especially since you may become dehydrated during a run.

Committing to a regular exercise routine requires a lot of discipline, so it’s easier said than done. One factor that many people don’t consider before adopting a new exercise plan is the weather. Bad weather—particularly the summer heat—can ruin your workout and even harm your health if you’re not careful. That’s why we have come up with some tips for exercising in the summer heat.

Exercise in the Morning or at Night

When exercising in the summer—regardless of where you live—you’ll want to avoid doing it during the warmest part of the day. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, that time is around 3 p.m. Scientifically, it’s also cooler either early in the morning or late at night. Exercising in the heat can cause:

  • Heatstroke
  • Cramps
  • Heat exhaustion

High temperatures can also cause you to feel sick or even faint. So if you want to go outdoors for a jog, make sure you do it at a time when it’s much cooler.

Drink Plenty of Water

The risk of dehydration is higher in the summertime, so proper hydration is key for a successful summer exercise routine. Dehydration can cause poor performance, so you’ll want to consume an adequate amount of water to get the electrolytes you need. You also lose fluids as you exercise, which is why you need to replenish with water. Carry around a water bottle throughout the day and don’t forget to drink before, after, and possibly during your daily workout this summer. Avoid drinking too much soda and alcoholic beverages, since those will also dehydrate you.

Find Shaded Trails

If you’re worried about being exposed to too much sunlight as you run or bike, try to find a nice trail with a lot of shade. A shaded trail can give you the coverage you need if you can’t exercise early in the morning or late at night. In fact, you can feel up to 15 degrees cooler in the shade than in direct sunlight. Also find trails that aren’t made from asphalt concrete: blacktop can be hot on your feet, which brings us to our next point.

Wear Lightweight, Brightly Colored Clothing

It’s common knowledge that dark clothing absorbs the sunlight, which can elevate the risks of the summer heat. Opt for wearing bright colors such as blue, red, green, or even white. The color you wear during a workout can also improve your overall mood and help boost performance. Furthermore, aim to wear lightweight clothing to stay as cool as possible. Various brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas have lightweight clothing made out of special materials meant to better handle sweat and heat.

Work Out on the Beach or in the Water

Something you can do in the summer that you can’t throughout the rest of the year is work out on the beach. Many professional athletes train on the sand—and for good reason. Running on the beach is more difficult, but it can improve your technique and burn more calories. Working out in the beautiful beach scenery also offers a nice change of pace from running on treadmills and trails.

Another great workout you can do in the summer is to jump into the pool. Working out in the pool is a great way to stay refreshed in the heat, and it can really build your muscles due to the resistance of the water. Great exercises to do in the water include jogging in place, squat jumps, and knee twists.

Check the Weather

The summertime weather is often nice, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the weather daily to ensure that you can even go outside. Be on the lookout for heat advisories and potential storms. You can install so many different weather apps on your phone—some will even let you know if the weather conditions are appropriate specifically for running.

Don’t Get Sidetracked

Summer is full of fun activities, but some can pull you away from achieving your summer fitness goals. Stay focused and committed to your workout routine all summer long by working out at the same time every day or planning your rest days in advance to guarantee that you reach your goals.

Take Cold Showers

Another technique you can try is to take cold showers. This idea can be off-putting to some, but it has a lot of great benefits that will help you get through the summer. A cold shower can help with weight loss, regulate your body temperature, and cool you down after a rigorous workout.

Exercise Inside

If the weather is bad or you can’t find the right time of the day to exercise outside, do your workout inside. Working out in the comfort of your own home is by far the most convenient option—not just during the summer, but year-round. Running on a treadmill can be better than running outside for many reasons. By working out at home with equipment like the TRUE fitness treadmill, you can exercise whenever you want in a nice, controlled climate without having to worry about the dangers of being out in the sun.

Sticking to an exercise routine can be difficult, especially in the summer. The season has many factors that can drive you away from your fitness goals, such as the heat, fun activities, and travel plans. These tips for exercising in the summer are meant to keep you safe and to open up the many options available for staying in the best shape possible.