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How to lower your electric bill in the Summer

How To Lower Your Electric Bill in the Summer

Updated on February 1, 2023

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“Arizona and Nevada are always nice and cool in the summer time!” said no one ever. As much as we love these states, there can be no question what season it is when August rolls around. That means air conditioners will be firing up, if they haven’t already, and rising utility costs will probably force a lot of people to choose between the heat and their own comfort.

Last year, summer utility rates were 3 times higher than promised in Arizona. We all know last year wasn’t the dry, drought-ridden winter everyone in the west experienced this year so you can be assured rates will rise again. It’s expected that air conditioners will run for a longer period of time during the day as well as longer into the late summer months when temperatures during a normal year begin to drop.

Can’t say we’re overly thrilled at the prospect, and it’s probably a safe bet that you aren’t either. Such circumstances will undoubtedly impact your budget during a time when the kids aren’t in school and many are taking vacations.

The worst part is there seems to be no relief in sight any time in the near future. More and more people are moving to Arizona and Nevada while construction of new power plants has come to a virtual halt. This means the margin for supply and demand is getting narrower and narrower while simultaneously impacting consumer wallets.

So, how do you stay cool in the summer without increasing the use of your air conditioner?

We’ve found a few tips that might be useful to you.

Black out Your Windows

Many people think opening their windows during the day will actually cool down your house, but the exact opposite is true. If you’ve got an insulated attic, then your house will stay cooler with the windows closed throughout the hot part of the day. If you have thick blinds or shutters, close them on all the southern and western facing windows of your house. If that’s not an option, heavy blankets will do in a pinch. Just tack them over the windows in question, and then open those windows after the sun has gone down.

Fire up the Fans

Once the sun has gone down, open all your windows, then put fans in as many of those that face north and east as possible. Position them to pull cool air into the house. This will automatically push the warm air out of the windows on the opposite side. Your house won’t cool down in an instant, but it is a lot faster than just opening windows and a lot cheaper than running the Air Conditioner.

Avoid Cooking with Your Stove

Plan ‘cool’ meals like sandwiches or use your outdoor grill. A hot stove or oven will just make a hot house hotter.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Many people think ceiling fans should blow downward during the summer, but the truth is, you will cool your house much quicker by pulling the hot air up and away from the floor instead of blowing it downward. Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch on them.

Hope these tips help. If you still find yourself short when the utility bill comes due, CASH 1 has a better option. You don’t need your Title for Short Term Loans Online in Arizona or Nevada. These loans have a longer repayment term than your typical short term loan. You'll also have the option to repay without any prepayment penalties.

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