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Keep your pet safe this Summer

Keep Your Pet’s Paws Safe This Summer

Updated on April 21, 2021


Texas is ranked as one of the highest states in average summer temperature. Keeping your pets safe from the summer heat should always be a top priority… Especially when it comes to hot asphalt. Temperatures on its surface can reach extremely dangerous levels. You can fry an egg at 131° for five minutes and when the thermometer outside only reads 86°, asphalt in the sun can be a scorching 135°. You can imagine that it will only get hotter from there when 86° is relatively mild for a Texas summer.

I can't do the math quick enough with the whole 'air temperature versus surface temperature thing', but by pressing your hand firmly on the ground and waiting for seven seconds you can determine if the temperature is comfortable for your pet.

To protect your padded pal from burns, there are a few reasonable steps to take: Walk your pet in the morning or early evening and keep your pet on the grass if you must walk in the heat. And remember, swimming or wading in water can soften their pads and make them more susceptible to burning.

Burned pads can be hard to detect, but you know your pet pretty well and will notice a change in their behavior. Refusing to walk or run and licking their paws more than usual are telltale signs. Check their paws for any discoloration or blisters, you can soothe the burn with running water from a garden hose or faucet. If the problem persists, you know the drill, go to the vet.

Enjoy the summer with your pet and remember that prevention is the best cure.

We do understand that emergencies can still happen. Applying for an Installment Loan or simply giving us a call at 866-948-2631 could relieve financial pressures for you and your pet.

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