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Pet safety tips on Halloween

You Need To Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Updated on March 29, 2022


CASH 1 might be known for easy cash loans, but your pet's health and safety are a major concern. All Hallows' Eve is almost upon us and to keep the festivities safe and healthy, we whipped up a few pet safety tips for you. Taking these precautions can prevent any trips to the vet or stressful situations that may occur.

Hazardous Halloween Eating

Pet toxicity calls increase by 12% during the week of Halloween. Avoid these Halloween hazards and keep your pets safe.

All Chocolate

Many pet owners know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs and cats. Dark chocolate, unsweetened chocolate and baker's chocolate contain even higher amounts of the toxic caffeine and a naturally occurring stimulant called theobromine. Results could be fatal, so even after the holiday it's not wise to leave your Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino lying around the house.

Watch Kids With Candy

Kids, especially younger and unsupervised, love sharing with their four-legged friends - So keep an eye on them. Many candies and gum contain an artificial sweetener called xylitol which could cause seizures in your dog. There's no real word on how it affects cats, but better be safe than sorry, right?

Spoiling Pumpkins

Your pumpkin may not be spoiling yet, but it can lead to an emergency trip to the veterinarian and a big mess to clean out of your carpets. Be sure to toss those pumpkins the day after. Spoil your pets, not your pumpkins.

Decorative Corn And Other Halloween Plants

It's pretty common to decorate with corn stalks. Corn is relatively non-toxic, but it's the cob that could cause intestinal blockage or choking - The same with the husk.

Jewelry And Glow Sticks

Avoid the stress of foreign body gastrointestinal obstructions by keeping jewelry or plastic pieces away from your pets. The procedure to remove them can run up to $1,000 or more.

Liquid Potpourri And Essential Oils

When the leaves start falling and the air cools you need to have the smell of nutmeg or cinnamon in your house. But if you heat essential oils or use liquid potpourri then you should know that they are highly toxic to your cat. Even a few licks can cause chemical burns in their mouth.


Hey, a box of sticky dried grapes might be listed as a bad treat on Halloween by your kids, but raisins are really awful for dogs.

Many pet owners know that raisins are really awful for dogs.

Haunted House Dangers for Your Pets

Keeping your pet inside is the best idea during the week leading up to and the day of Halloween. keep in my mind that there are potential dangers in your house too.

Spider Webbing Material And Decorations

There's nothing wrong with decorating your house like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man dropped in for a visit. Be aware that your pet may decide to snack on your streamers or webs that could cause an obstruction of their intestines or stomach.

Wires And Cords

Keep those electric cords out of reach to avoid electrical shock.

Avoid Runaway Pets

You know your furry friend better than anyone. It's up to you to decide how social your pet is when dealing with trick-or-treaters. It is important to remember that even the most socialized pet can be overwhelmed by the noise, smells and masks and, well, smells of masks.

Avoid The Noise

Keep the spooky sounds to a minimum.

If you Trick or Treat with Your Pet

Halloween, following the 4th of July, is the second most common holiday for pets to get lost. With that said - Make sure your info is up-to-date and have your pet ID securely fastened so if your pooch gets into some shenanigans they will be found or returned.

Halloween Costume Pet Safety

If you are one of the 20 million pet owners who have Halloween costumes for their pets, then make sure it meets these criteria:

  • Constrict movement
  • Hearing
  • ability to breathe or bark and meow
  • If you plan to put a costume on your pet
  • Fits properly and is comfortable
  • Doesn't have any pieces that can easily be chewed off

Do a pet costume fitting at least the night before and never leave your pet unsupervised while he/she is wearing a costume.

We hope these common sense pet safety tips help you and your furry buds get through the holiday unscathed. If you have any other tips or experiences, feel free to drop some science in the comments section below.