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how to make money as a teenager

How To Make Money as a Teen This Summer

Updated on January 31, 2023

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Economic times are getting better, but making money is still difficult for your kids. They are now competing against adults for the 'Teenage Jobs' we used to take for granted. Despite all this, there are still ways that teenagers can make money - Unless you want to keep giving them easy personal loans all their life. If you're looking for ways regarding how your teen can make some money, you should know that they need two things; a good work ethic and some free time.

Ways for Teens to Make Money

  1. Reward Sites
    There are plenty of different sites that pay great and can help you make money. For instance, as a teen, you can take a survey or watch videos at Swagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the most popular ways for teens to make money on the web. You can learn stuff or just search for stuff online and get a decent $100 or two.
  2. Cash Crate
    This is a very renowned site for making money fast. The concept of Cash Crate is similar to that of Swagbucks and the site can easily help you make $100 fast.
  3. Start Babysitting
    As a teenager, you can make money babysitting. You can babysit for parents while they're out on a date with friends. Get some experience and apply for babysitting jobs online. Watching kids is a simple solution to make money as a teen and trust me, it pays really well.
  4. Start Negotiating
    If you are in dire need of money, one thing you can do is work around the house. You can negotiate the fees with your parents for some extra chores. Try to pick things around the house that you can actually do. You can pick up different tasks such as cleaning the toilets and charging them about half the price that they would normally pay. If you're looking for ways for teens to make money, one way is to help around the house. Parents are sometimes more willing to help out if they know what you have in mind so try to share the details with them and get that cash.
  5. Work For An Elder
    Yes, this might sound strange but you can actually work for an elder and get paid right away. Elders don’t have the time, or the energy, to move around and get their work done. This is where you come in. You can easily get them groceries and do some heavy lifting or trouble shooting their computer to get tasks done that they may have problems doing. Try to maintain a good and healthy relationship with the person and remember that the work you do for them will not just help you monetarily but it will also be counted as a good deed, and remember, a good deed goes a very long way.
  6. Car Wash
    Everybody wants their car cleaned and a car wash is a simple answer to how to make money as a teen. Car washing and detailing is a good money-making idea. It is usually done with several people. Make sure you clean cars inside and out and do a thorough job so that the person whose car you are washing knows that you are doing work professionally but at the same time, at a cheaper cost. You should know who your competition is too.
  7. Make An App
    Making an app has become easier than ever. You can work via an app and make easy money. If you have a smartphone, start hunting around for applications and go for small tasks that pay. A majority of the tasks will not pay but they are very simple. You can check up the rewards program of apps. Most of these reward programs pay so check them out and go ahead.
  8. Provide Second Hand Service
    Another great way to make money online is to provide second-hand services. This means getting left over’s from the garage or offering someone to pick up items for good will. You can then resell these items for cash. Normally, the idea is to put these items on display on sites such as craigslist.
  9. Sell Old Items
    Teens mostly have a lot of items that they lying around because they have a habit of spending more and using less. Therefore, if you are in dire need of money, try to sell jewelry online. There are many sites that you can use to advertise and sell these including craigslist, ebay and others. Get out all the extra items and start taking pictures to display them online. This is a great way of getting fast cash for teens this summer.
  10. Walk Dogs
    Yes, you heard it. Everybody these days seems to have a dog and dogs are a pet that have to be taken care of. Therefore, if you are looking to earn money as a teen, try to walk dogs. People let others walk their dogs because they might generally be too busy to do so otherwise. Therefore, you must try to ensure that you walk dogs and take care of them to earn good money or two.
  11. Sell Home Made Items
    Homemade items can sell very well in the market. Homemade items include making a lemonade or homemade cookies. These can help you save a good and decent buck or two. I have known people who have easily made $52 or so by selling raspberry iced tea. Thus, selling homemade items is one of the classiest ways to make money. The best part? There are so many options you can choose from.
  12. Start Tutoring
    If you're looking for ways regarding how to make money as a teenager, you can start tutoring. Tutoring pays of really well. You can teach any subject you have expertise in as all will pay off well. My faves are English and Math. However, you can choose one that suits you better. The above mentioned ways are solid and sure shot ways regarding how you can make money as a teen. They are reliable, they are convenient and they are easy to follow.