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Motorcycle safety tips infographic

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Updated on January 23, 2023


You know Motorcycle season is almost year around if you live in Arizona or Southern Nevada. CASH 1 Loans would like you to prevent accidents by following these simple safety rules. Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but the statistics show that many accidents and fatalities can often be avoided.

Wear Proper Gear

Jeans and sandals aren't exactly riding gear. You need to be honest with yourself and understand that road rash does happen. For maximum protection you should invest in a mesh jacket with built-in armor, gloves, full pants and and shoes or boots that go over the ankle. There a ton of motorcycle travel myths out there, but if you're worried about the summer heat the mesh jackets have ventilation to keep you cool.

Always Wear a Helmet

We know that Arizona doesn't require you to wear a helmet after age 17, but consider that states without helmet laws have 11 times more fatalities caused by riders not wearing helmets. A DOT approved helmet is about 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries from motorcycle crashes and about 37 percent effective in preventing deaths. A full faced helmet (with a visor) is your best bet. Every helmet should be replaced every 5 years and sooner if it has been in a crash or damaged.


Communicating your intentions while riding is your key to safety. Before you even get on the road always check that your brake and turn signals are working properly.

Be Visible to Other Motorists

In 60 percent of crashes involving a car and motorcycle, the car drivers were at fault. Be extra alert and drive defensively. Remember that even though driving and texting is illegal, people still do it. You can take an extra step to be seen by wearing gear with brighter colors.

Avoid Riding next to Large Trucks or Buses

Semi-trucks and buses have enormous blind spots. If you can't be seen, these drivers may change lanes and send you off the road.

Keep Your Distance - Don't Tailgate

Using a safe following distance ensures you have enough time to stop and that you can react to any debris or obstacles on the road. It also helps other drivers see you.

Watch Your Speed

Almost 1 in 3 motorcycle accidents are caused from speeding. With so much power and the ability to accelerate quickly on your bike you'll be tempted to drive faster. If you have the need for speed there are closed-course tracks.

Here Are Some Motorcycle Accident Stats:

  • 11x more fatalities for riders without helmets in States without helmet laws
  • 25% of motorcycle riders in fatal crashes were improperly licensed
  • 27% of motorcycle riders in fatal crashes were over the legal alcohol limit
  • 43% of motorcyclist fatalities occurred in single-vehicle crashes
  • 44% of fatal crashes occur on the weekends

Keep these safety tips in mind the next time you get on the road to help prevent any accidents or emergencies. And remember, that if you need a title loan near you in Las Vegas to make ends meet and you’ve had problems getting a loan from a traditional lender like a bank, we make obtaining a loan simple and easy. With CASH 1 motorcycle title loans you can drive away with cash in hand today.

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