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Follow these tips to avoid online scams

Need To Get a Loan Online? Avoid Online Scams

Updated on January 25, 2022

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Thanks to the internet, scams are not only more elaborate and potentially costly, but they look as legitimate as any normal, legal business and they can scoop your money right out of your bank account before you even sign off. And while there is a constant effort on the part of internet service providers to make sure online criminals don’t make off with your income, the bad guys are also constantly improving their methods of getting you to give up access to where you keep your cash.

Here’s the latest in a long line of examples; a fake news website that essentially sold useless dietary supplements as a 'weight loss' cleanse. But let’s take a look at the actual website itself (don’t worry, this link goes to a harmless screen capture of the site, but is not the actual scam site itself). We would like to point out some telltale factors that go into a scam website and what you can look for to protect yourself from these criminals.

'News' That Doesn't Quite Feel Like News

This is a common technique for online scam artists; if it sounds like a news story, then many unsuspecting victims will ascribe credibility to it. Note how the headline in our example tells you how they’re exposing a secret, but it has nothing to do with any cover-up of crime, or a secret criminal organization or something similarly bad. This site purports to expose potentially 'good news' and wants you to feel as though there’s a conspiracy against you and the rest of the public to keep something potentially beneficial a secret.

Logic That Doesn't Quite Hold Up

Make no mistake, if a pill existed that made you lose weight, it would be the bestselling pharmaceutical in history. Watch out for sites that promise you something too good to be true, because nine times out of ten, it is.

The Legitimacy of Mainstream News Logos

See all those logos for journalism organizations between the headline and the story? Note how there is no accompanying text like as seen on NBC or Featured on Dr. Oz. A legitimate website will not only have that claim clearly featured, but include a link to a video segment in which the product is actually being showcased. Notice that on the entire page, there is no link to a video segment that specifically features the product.

The Staff Reporter

In this case, that picture is actually celebrity Jennifer Lawrence.

Familiar Publications

In addition to the news logos, there’s a cover of a popular celebrity magazine with pictures and feature stories that have nothing to do with the product.

Suspect Video

Instead of a link to a video featuring the actual product, you’ve got a video of a guy in a lab coat, looking like a doctor, and not necessarily talking about the product. Other links at the site talk about peripheral issues that might or might not pertain to the product, but are not actual features of the product itself.
As is the case with any scam, go with your gut instinct. If you have any hesitation about what they’re offering or how they are offering it, choose the side of caution and stay away. No ‘miracle cleanse’ is worth the risk of identity theft and financial ruin.

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