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What to do if you overdraw your bank account

Overdrawn at the Bank

Updated on January 21, 2022

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Overdrawn at the bank? This is a much more common problem than you might think. More and more Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. In fact, twenty-five and a half million American families in the middle class have no savings and are living from paycheck to paycheck. You didn’t read that wrong; it is families, not just individual people. An additional twelve million families also live paycheck to paycheck below the poverty line. You probably know, as we certainly do, this isn’t an easy way to live. Having just enough to get by, wondering what might happen; with the car, the house, or even the kids.

Hoping no unplanned expenses pop up. Of course, this always seems to be the time when they do. Worse still, however, is that feeling when you see a notice from your bank that you’re overdrawn. That means you missed something, or forgot to deduct an expense, or forget about an automatic payment. This means more money you can’t afford to spend will be withdrawn from your account just for the fees to cover the overdraft. More expenses, more headaches, and more stress you don’t need. Take a look on your bank’s website. Most of them will have the charges for an overdraft delineated, and a lot of those charges are exorbitant. Investigate the rates charged by CASH 1 for easy cash loans.

You can do this by giving us a call at 800-431-3532. In most cases, the charge for loans for cash are less than the overdraft fee charged by your bank. Therefore it might be a good idea to utilize an easy installment loan from CASH 1 to avoid an overdraft fee and get much needed cash for a temporary reprieve of your situation. Make sure you get all the information regarding both situations. In the case of a typical bank, they will simply notify you of an overdraft and charge you the fee, taking it out of your account as soon as it is available. You have no choice in the matter, and of course, it usually happens at the worst possible time. And what if the overdraft fee is actually more than the amount of the check that caused the overdraft in the first place? That becomes a potentially expensive charge.

With CASH 1 you always have a choice in terms of whether or not to incur the expense of a payday loan fee. We don’t send you a notification and take your money, you will know up front what the terms are and you will know the repayment schedule in advance so there are no surprises. This way you’ll be able to plan, budget, and avoid the potentially more expensive overdraft fee. Even if both fees are the same, it would be better to get an easy cash loan as an overdraft fee goes on your bank statement and is part of your record with the bank itself. Some credit reporting agencies such as Chex Systems, Early Warning Services, Certegy, and Telecheck do collect and report this information. Don’t let a potential overdraft fee become a problem. Come see CASH 1 to keep money in your account.

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