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Read payday loan laws in Washington

Washington’s Payday Loan Laws

Updated on February 24, 2022

 Loan Laws

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutes (DFI) states that borrowers may only take loans of either up to $700 or 30 percent of their monthly income, whichever is the smaller amount. Consumers may also only take eight cash advances every 12 months. These limits were put in place to prevent Washingtonians from sliding into debt by borrowing too heavily from future paychecks.

The DFI also lists helpful tips for payday loan applicants. The department writes that no one should borrow loans they can't afford to pay back. For most workers this means limiting their loan amounts to less than the balance of their next paychecks.

Washington also discourages residents from taking loans from multiple lenders during a single pay period. This practice can prevent consumers from using their total earnings to cover loans and transaction fees.

CASH 1 is a payday lender that works with Washington residents. Our policies are in accordance with state laws and offer fair interest rates and charges to our clientele.