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Use trade school services to save money

Save Cash and Use Local Trade School Services

Updated on January 25, 2022

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Sometimes you gotta change your standards or compromise on the requirements in order to save money. That gourmet coffee might taste great and maybe you’ve come to see it as a part of your morning routine, but when times get financially tight, the price begins to feel like it’s not worth the experience. This entry isn’t about coffee, we just talk about it a lot because it’s part of what fuels us here at CASH 1. We wanted to talk about ways to save money that can help cut costs in certain areas of your life that you might not have thought of. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to compromise your morals or dignity, but if you’re willing to set aside that fancy haircut or the premium dental visits, we could help you save quite a bit of cash.

Get Your Hair Cut at a Cosmetology School

First, let’s talk haircuts. Yes we’ve mentioned them before, but that was in the context of saving money on hair products. In this case, we’re talking about saving money on the actual hairstylist. Now, if you’re a single person with some amount of disposable income, this probably won’t be the solution for you, but if you have a sizeable family and find yourself shelling out a sizeable chunk of money when you visit ‘Hypercuts’ (not an actual haircut place) every couple of months then this might interest you. Check your local listings and find out if there is a barber school or cosmetology school in your area. These places are willing to provide you and yours with free haircuts in exchange for a little of your time in order to conduct demonstrations on different styles and haircutting techniques. We recommend this only if the haircut you ultimately want is a simple (and short) style. The school may spend an hour on your hair for the purpose of demonstrating to students proper haircutting techniques, and in the process, you get a haircut free of charge.

Visit an Orthodontic School

In similar fashion, local dentistry and orthodontic schools will welcome the opportunity to demonstrate proper dental techniques to students by providing free dental care to you and your family. If you do this, make sure it’s an accredited school so that a licensed instructor oversees all classes and demonstrations. These instructors are former dentists, so you have the assurance of being monitored by a licensed professional, even if that particular person isn’t doing the actual work. Let’s face it, dental care can be expensive when you don't have insurance, and in this day and age of skyrocketing medical costs, this option may not just save you money, it might be a necessity to help you out financially.

Contact Your Local Massage Therapy School

One more tip, and this might not be something you do regularly or need to cut out of your budget, but one of the best opportunities to get something free or severely discounted is to contact your local massage therapy school. We could all probably use a massage; they help us relax and de-stress, and if you don’t mind a lot of instructional talk in the background (not to mention the possibility of more than one pair of hands working on your tension areas), then you could actually enjoy a bit of luxury for the cost of the fuel it took to drive you to the massage school. Just look them up, give them a call and ask if they’re looking for demonstration models. In the meantime, if you find yourself short of cash, come see us for quick cash loans online. You can get pre-approved online and pick up your money at any one of our stores in Nevada or Arizona. We're online installment loans direct lenders which means there is no middleman and no hidden fees.

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