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Learn what short-term loan options are available to you

What Are Your Short-Term Loan Options?

Updated on May 6, 2022


There are plenty of reasons that an individual may find themselves in desperate need of a cash advance. They could be hit with an unexpected medical bill. They may find themselves with high spending habits, and need to cover household necessities for the month. In some cases, individuals just want a little extra cash in their pocket, in case of emergency.

At CASH 1, we understand that financial emergencies happen for any number of reasons - and so we offer a wide range of loans as a result. No matter your needs, the alternate lenders at our headquarters will have a solution that can help to fulfill them.

Payday loans

CASH 1 offers payday loans to individuals living in certain states - and they've never been easier to obtain. Payday loans are even offered to customers with bad credit every single day. If you can furnish an I.D. and proof of your current employment, and then fill out our easy application, you may be able to get an advance on your next paycheck - up to $5,000 - from the CASH 1 team today. If a fast cash advance is what you need, there will be few options more fitting than a payday loan.

Auto and motorcycle title loans

Title loans are fitting for the individual in need of large amounts of funds: you can get up to $50,000 - and fast - with the help of an auto title loan. With this loan, you use the title of your vehicle as a form of collateral. Applications are as easy to complete as they are when you're applying for payday loans. All you have to present to our CASH 1 lenders is your application, your car, proof of regular income, your I.D. and a clean title for your car. Once you present these necessities, you'll be able to drive off, in the car you presented, with the funds procured, in a matter of moments.

Personal loans

​CASH 1 lenders are authorized to issue a number of different personal installment loans to our customers. These aren't just auto title loans, but also title equity loans, among other installment services. So when you need a significant loan, with low interest rates, an instant approval, and no traditional credit check, you should know there's only one place to go: CASH 1.

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