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Since 1997, CASH 1 has provided hassle-free Installment Loans to people denied by traditional banks and other installment loan lenders. We have many convenient locations throughout Arizona and Nevada. CASH 1 focuses on the financial needs of customers in the community by offering Title Loans, Personal Loans, Installment Loans, Smart Loans, and of course, great customer service. The CASH 1 team consists of over 200 specialized and highly trained employees.

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What are Direct Lenders?

When you apply with a company that isn't an online direct lender for installment loans, you are allowing them to send your personal financial information to as many lenders as they want. Are you comfortable with that? At CASH 1, our mission is to offer our customers a first-class experience and we have the reviews to prove it. We strive to provide positive alternative lending solutions in the communities we serve.

Advantages of a Direct Lender

As a direct lender, we have many ways to get you the funds that you need. The application process is fast and you could get your money in as little as 15 minutes. Check out our loan options and find the one that best fits your needs.

Personal Loans Available in AZ**
No title for your vehicle? Use the equity you have accrued in your currently financed vehicle to get cash in as little as 15 minutes.

Personal Line of Credit Online Available in ID, KS, MO, LA, & UT*
Have extra cash on standby whenever you're short on funds. You can withdraw money online as often as you need up to your credit limit.

Title Loans Available in AZ & NV**
Is your car paid off? Use your vehicle title as collateral to borrow $50-$50,000.

Personal Installment Loans Available in NV**
Fixed-rate 90-day repayment terms, lower payments repayable over an extended amount of time.

* - available online only
** - available in store or can start application online and complete in store

Borrow Responsibly from Installment Loans Direct Lenders

We make getting cash easy, but before you borrow you should ask yourself if you really need the money. Know your budget and what your payment amounts will be. Be sure that you can afford it. Remember that these loans are intended to be used for a short-term.

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