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Here are the best places to live in Las Vegas, NV

Where Are the Best Places To Live in Las Vegas?

Updated on April 20, 2021


You might have read that title and thought 'Wouldn't the best place to live in Las Vegas be Las Vegas?' But if you live in a large or even medium sized city, you are probably familiar with the idea that some places in town are just better to live than in others.

Based on factors such as crime, affordability, employment and overall ambience (such as atmosphere and curb appeal), here are the best places to live if you are considering a move to Las Vegas, or even if you already live in Las Vegas and want new surroundings.

Las Vegas is a resort city located in the state of Nevada. As the entertainment hub of the state, the city is highly famed for its gambling, fine dining, shopping and vibrant nightlife which is centered on 24-hour casinos as well as several other thrilling options. Seated deep within the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada and the 28th most populous in the country.
Dubbed as 'the entertainment capital of the world', Las Vegas' main focal point is known as the Strip which stretches over 4 miles long. As a whole, the Las Vegas Valley for years has been the leading commercial, financial, and cultural center for Nevada. It is a city with all the necessities paramount to an entertaining, comfortable and fun-filled life. Some of the best places to live in Las Vegas feature themed hotels, elaborate displays, exhibits and several attractions you can never find any other place in the state of Nevada.
Thus, in this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of some of these unique environments exclusive to the city of Las Vegas and its neighboring areas. Enjoy!

The Best Places to Live or Retire in Las Vegas


This community situated just 15 miles away from downtown Las Vegas is widely regarded as one of the best-planned communities in the country a. It covers 22,500-acres of land including a downtown retail center as well as residential living, neighborhood parks and centers. It is definitely one of the best places to retire in Nevada with its simple, peaceful but classy suburban environment.

There are a lot of single-family homes available for rent in this Las Vegas community, and they come in varying degrees of architectural designs and specifications. Alternatively, there are apartments in the mixed-use residential area of the neighborhood with an urban feel which you can also rent. Summerlin, being one of the best retirement communities in Nevada, attracts a lot of people; from individuals, couples, families and to students from the neighboring Community College of Southern Nevada and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus which is just 25 minutes drive away.

Summerlin Key stats

Median Age is 42

Median Household Income is $91,851

Total crimes per 100k is 1,299

Median Rent is $1,378

High school graduation rate is 94%

Percent of Renters is 28%

Henderson is another neighborhood in Las Vegas known for its serenity and simplicity. The community has been positively recognized through a lot of awards and accolades. It has been branded 'the second safest city in America' by Forbes, 'one of the best cities to live in America' by Bloomberg Business as well as 'one of the best places to retire if you hate taxes' by Money Magazine. Indeed, this proves why Henderson is easily one of the best retirement communities in Nevada. One of the amazing aspects of the neighborhood is the Green Valley known for its walking and hiking trails, pretty tree-lined streets and proximity to Lake Mead Recreational Area which is the country's largest human-made reservoir.

In addition, we have the Green Valley Ranch, a shopping complex with a pedestrian-only stretch of restaurants, bars and shops that run the opposite side of Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino which is commonly patronized by families and couples. As one of the best places to live in Las Vegas, Henderson also features the Water Street District (Originally known as Main Street) which has a lot of new businesses emerging now and then with an attempt to strengthen the commercial street of the neighborhood. Check out our family things to do in Henderson, NV guide.

Henderson Key stats
Median rent price is $1,185

Median home price is $234,800

Total amenities is 10,717

Percent renters is 32%

Median Age is 39

Boulder City
At just 26 miles southeast of Las Vegas is located one of the best places to retire in Nevada known as Boulder City. With a population of 15,023 and an elegant and stylish architectural layout, it is a community you cannot afford to miss if you get the chance. In the year 2009, Boulder City was ranked by Money Magazine as the 6th in its annual list of the top 25 places to retire in the United States, further solidifying its status as one of the best places to live in Las Vegas. The rankings were based on affordable housing, arts and leisure, tax rates and medical care.

This neighborhood which is just a few miles from Lake Mead has two municipal golf courses which are the Boulder City Municipal Golf Course and the Boulder Creek Golf Course. It also has a private golf course, a racquetball complex, city pool, lit tennis courts, BMX bicycle track, athletic fields and more than enough mountain hiking trails. Enjoy the best of your retirement days by relocating to the peaceful suburb of Boulder City and its environs.

Boulder City Key stats

Total crimes per 100k is 1,321

Average commute time is 22 minutes

Total amenities is 877

The neighborhood of Bunkerville is an unincorporated town and census-designated place around the city of Las Vegas in Nevada. With a population of over 1,600, wide open spaces and rural environs, it is one of the best places to retire in Nevada. While it might not be the most physically alluring, the simplicity and serenity of this community is the perfect recipe for stress-free post-retirement life. In Bunkerville, you have the Valley of Fire State Park nearby as well as the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument where you can perform a lot of fun-filled and challenging activities such as hiking and camping.

Bunkerville Key Stats

Median household income is $71,875

Average commute time is 19 minutes


Aliante is a master-planned neighborhood in North Las Vegas. This retirement community in Nevada is buried deep within the Sheep Mountains. It is a blossoming area with a lot of niceties and tranquility suitable for the perfect post-retirement days. Do you like access to outdoors? Want a flawless and beautiful view of some of the fascinating mountains in Las Vegas? No doubt, Aliante is the right place for you to be. A lot of the community includes green spaces that have been designated for public use as well as a lot of hiking trails available in plenitude.

Several attractions and features make Aliante stand out as one of the best places to retire in Nevada. For instance, we have the Aliante Golf Club which is located in Sun City Aliante. Furthermore, there is Aliante Library that was built at the cost of $5.2 million and opened for use on May 24, 2006. This Library was the second library to open in North Las Vegas, only behind the North Las Vegas Library opened some forty years prior. In addition, we have the Aliante Casino and Hotel, a 211-room hotel and 125,000 sq ft casino that originally opened as the Aliante Station in 2008. Lastly, there is also the Aliante Nature Discovery Park, a peaceful attraction with humanmade waterfalls and ponds. In June 2004, the park was included by Las Vegas Review Journal on its list of the top eight great parks in the Las Vegas Valley.

In 2004, Aliante was the ranked 6th on a list of top selling master-planned community in the United States by Las Vegas Journal Review and 5th on the same list in the following year.

Aliante Key stats
Median Age is 30

Median Household Income is $57,425

Median Rent is $931

Percent Renters is 40%

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a census-designated place located in Clark County, Nevada State. It is a small Las Vegas community replete with sprawling Mediterranean-like apartments and attractive gardens. As at 2010, the census conducted in the neighborhood estimated its population to be around 290. The suburb includes a park, library, city pool, elementary school, church, event hall and mercantile station.

Blue Diamond has one of the lowest crime rates of all of the neighborhoods included in this list which shows why it is unsurprisingly one of the best places to live in Las Vegas. If you are a home buyer or looking for a unique place to get an apartment, giving Blue Diamond a chance is definitely a consideration to make. For every nature lover visiting the town, there are lots of enjoyable activities such as hiking, watching shows and picnicking to be done at the outdoor theater at the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park located inside the community.

Blue Diamond Key stats
Total crimes per 100k is 1,330

Median home price is $331,300

Median household income is $54,091

Median family income is $54,432.

Best Building to Live in in Las Vegas

Perhaps the best place to live in Las Vegas is not a specific neighborhood, but rather a specific type of building. In this case, we're talking about a high rise condominium. If you've ever been to Vegas, then you will have noted that all the high rise buildings tend to be clustered around the strip, or the downtown area. Most Vegas crime occurs away from these two areas because they are heavily patrolled by both police and private security, and are thoroughly covered by surveillance cameras. In addition, many high end amenities are available in condo complexes, not to mention all the entertainment that's close by.

If a condo doesn't feel right for you, the best places for a stick built home in Vegas are Summerlin North, The Lakes, Sheep Mountain Desert Shores and Lone Mountain. You can find these places online with a simple search using the neighborhood title locations.