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Check out the best Las Vegas buffets

Best Buffets in Las Vegas

Updated on June 11, 2024


When you're living it up in Vegas, you tend to lose track of time in the casinos. You go there to play hard and party even harder while you're looking for things to do in Las Vegas. As for what you eat, well, it's tradition to check out at least one buffet. Here are five of my favorite Las Vegas Buffets.

Here are the Best Las Vegas Buffets:

Wicked Spoon Buffet

Image | Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

At the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, the Wicked Spoon serves to impress. You will be warmly welcomed and treated like fine gents and ladies as they pull the chair behind you to sit on and open the champagne bottle to pour it for you. The food is served individually on the separate plates with a reasonable portion to leave you full and happy. You should begin with delicious Italian panzanella, chickpea salad and an embellishment of different varieties of cheese and freshly baked bread. Main dishes include steaks, ribs, and fish with various assortments and dressings. They have an exclusive section for international cuisine to fulfill your utmost cravings. They smoke, boil, roast, fry almost anything and serve it fresh right to your table if you ask for it. This place is the perfect Las Vegas attraction for couples.
If you're a boozer like me, they offer bottomless beverages for $15. You get 2 hours to drink as many mimosas or Bloody Marys as you can without passing out. (There's beer and wine too)
On with the deserts! If you have enough room, it's hard to avoid the diabetes-inducing chocolate dripping off the pastries, the rich tiramisus, the truffles and the adorable cake pops with strawberry sauce. There's plenty to choose from if you're an ice cream fan and the gelato bar will make you feel fancy.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Times And Prices

Daily Brunch (8am to 2pm)
Monday to Thursday | $27

Weekend Brunch (8am to 3pm)
Friday to Sunday | $35

Weekday Dinner (5pm to 9pm)
Monday to Thursday | $38

Weekend Dinner (3pm to 10pm)
Friday to Sunday | $43

Sunday Dinner (3pm to 9pm)
Sunday | $43

Studio B Show Kitchen Buffet

Image | M Resort Spa Casino

Once you enter the Studio B Buffet, the first thing you'll notice is the sublime décor with a fascinating modern interior and a very welcoming environment. The live in-house cooking inspires you to grab another bite of your favorite BBQ as you watch the professionals prepare their dishes at their work stations. The food portions are great, with a variety of interesting dishes for you to experience. From mac and cheese mini bowls to artisan bread and scrumptiously prepared meat, you can find absolutely everything prepared fresh with a high standard. For non-meat eaters you can make your way to the salad bar and enjoy the display of many interesting and delicious creations. They have a specialty tofu Thai noodles and a salad with blue cheese and carrots. There is a taco station to prepare your filling of tacos. You can also make a pizza with your desired toppings of olives and jalapeño with cheese melting off the thin crust as you take your first bite. There is also a bar for you to enjoy a good drink while you enjoy the great interior. The deserts are incredibly mouthwatering with tiny waffle cones for your ice cream or try the Nutella filled croissants.

Studio B Show Kitchen Buffet Times And Prices

Lunch Buffet (11am to 2:30pm)
Monday to Thursday | $16.99
Saturday to Sunday | $39.99

Dinner Buffet (2:30pm to 8:30pm)
Monday to Thursday | $24.99
Saturday to Sunday | $39.99

Prime Rib Brunch (11am to 2pm)
Friday | $24.99

Seafood Buffet (2:30pm to 8:30pm)
Friday | $39.99

Carnival World & Seafood Buffet

Image | Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

I stayed at the Rio-All Suite Hotel and Casino and was not disappointed with the Carnival World & Seafood Buffet. With a variety of cuisine and a plethora of plates to choose from, you might be overwhelmed with the choices. From Italian to Japanese there is something for everyone to choose from and treat themselves with here. Their unique made-to-order dishes are simply mesmerizing. Tofu, seafood, fish fingers and crabs, with carefully assorted salads and a combination of sauces to pair them with, it is simply a delight for a food-crazed individual to come here. Their dessert options are a treat for all those who enjoy homemade pies, flavored sorbet, gelato ice cream and many such delightful desserts and sweets.

Carnival World & Seafood Buffet Times And Prices

Breakfast Buffet (8am to 11am)
Monday to Friday | $20.99
Saturday to Sunday | $23.99

Brunch Buffet (10am to 3pm)
Saturday to Sunday | $30.99

Lunch Buffet (11am to 3pm)
Monday to Thursday | $22.99

Dinner Buffet (3pm to 10pm)
Monday to Thursday | $30.99
Friday to Saturday | $35.99

Seafood Buffet (3pm to 10pm)
Monday to Sunday | $48

Le Village Buffet

Image | Paris Las Vegas

Looking for a twist on food and edible delights? Look no further because the Paris Le Village Buffet has everything to offer. Watch chefs cook live in the French village setting. Their delectable specialties are based on the provinces of France. You will be served according to the different specialty of the local province. You can also enjoy freshly made crepes as they prepare it for you while flipping it once on their frying pan as they serve it to you steaming hot on your plate. They have great sweet and savory options for crepes with ham, fish, meat, and different proteins with a side of gravy and boiled grilled vegetables. You can also select a desert of your liking from the different stations and try the various flavors of France without requiring a visa.

Le Village Buffet Times And Prices

Breakfast (7am to 11am)
Monday to Friday | $21.99
Breakfast (7am to 10am)
Saturday to Sunday | $23.99

Brunch Buffet (10am to 3pm)
Monday to Sunday | $30.99

Lunch Buffet (11am to 3pm)
Monday to Sunday | $24.99

Dinner (3pm to 10pm)
Monday to Friday | $30.99
Dinner (3pm to 11pm)
Saturday to Sunday | $30.99

Feast Buffet

Image | Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino

The Green Valley Ranch’s Resort in Henderson features one of the most amusing ways for attracting hundreds of food enthusiasts. The Feast Buffet around the world, as the name suggests takes you around the world of flavors in less than 4 hours. Their live cooking stations give you a chance to get a glimpse of what goes into the preparation of your stir fried Thai noodles, American Pepper Beef Steak or Italian meatball infusion. They have American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and French chefs waiting to prepare you your favorite meal from the menu. It's not surprising that once you've finished, you would stand in another line waiting to get served some more. The open space adds to the ambiance and enlightens your mood as you feast on the incredible flavors of the world. The Feast Buffet is a great thing to do in Las Vegas with kids. It has opened its doors for a wholesome breakfast to kick start your day, a delicious lunch to energize your depleted energy and an enjoyable dinner.

Feast Buffet Times And Prices

Breakfast Buffet (8am to 10:45am)
Monday to Saturday | $7.99

Lunch Buffet (11am to 3pm)
Monday to Saturday | $9.99

Dinner Buffet (4pm to 9pm)
Monday to Thursday | $14.99
Sundays | $14.99

Seafood Buffet (4pm to 9pm)
Fridays | $29.99

Prime Rib and Shrimp Buffet (4pm to 9pm)
Saturdays | ($17.99)

Brunch Buffet (8am to 3pm)
Sundays | $15.99

CASH 1 is all about great food and Las Vegas buffets. We hope enjoy these recommendations, especially if this trip is your first Las Vegas casino experience. Please remember that if you're ever short on cash we offer payday loans in Las Vegas, NV. If you have any questions feel to check out our payday loan requirements as well. Want to learn more about Las Vegas? Read these cool Vegas facts.