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Things to do in Las Vegas, NV for couples

Things To Do in Las Vegas for Couples

Updated on January 23, 2023


You must have heard and assumed that Vegas is not everyone’s cup of tea and that only young people in their 20’s and 30’s are usually the ones who file it as if it’s their place. Who says Vegas is only a place for bachelors or the young ones to enjoy? There are so many couple things to do in Las Vegas. Let’s find out what amazing things you can do in Las Vegas as a couple, shall we?

Las Vegas Attractions for Couples

1. Shopping

Sorry guys, I know you must be surprised to see shopping as number one in this list but trust me shopping in Las Vegas is one of the fun things to do with your loved one that you will easily agree upon. Why? Because there are huge malls usually themed which makes them a fun place to check out, also, the shops there suit anyone and everyone as they have a huge variety for every taste and any budget.

2. Spa Aquae

Couples can find some of the most luxurious spas in Vegas to spend some time to relax together. The Spa Aquae is one of those places that not only have a beautiful patio outdoors but also indoor couple’s room where they can have their spa sessions together. This spa place boasts a whirl pool, hydrotherapy circuit pool, sauna and steam room. The room service also allows the couples to order lunch and have it delivered to the poolside. Couples can have their services done side by side and can have a stone therapy massage or sampler massage too.

3. Eiffel Tower

No, you are definitely not in Paris. But the Eiffel tower in Vegas? Yes, experience the replica of the Eiffel tower here which is even more romantic than the original one. It’s been a must visit Las Vegas attraction for couples for so many years. You'll also get a chance to show your love for your significant other on the bridge leading to the observation deck by securing a personalized lock and throwing away the key, memorializing love for each other for ever.

4. Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Fountains are worth checking out. Make some time around 8pm for this and head towards the fountain and find a spot under the trees. The fountains are stunning and something one should really get a chance to do.

5. Reserve A Private Pool

As long as you are paying the resort fee, you can visit the hotel's pool facilities. A great idea to spend time with your partner is to reserve a private cabana for a day. There might be various other things to do in Vegas to relax yourself but a relaxing day poolside beats everything else.

6. Gamble

You are in Vegas and you aren’t doing any gambling? That is so unfair to Vegas! Want to add some fun while gambling? What you can do is make gambling like a competition between you and your partner and see who comes out on top on the roulette table. Either way it’s a win-win situation for you both.

7. Gondola Rides

If you can’t get to Italy for the famous Gondola Rides, don’t worry, the Gondola Rides at the Venetian are another great option. Private two people Gondolas for couples are also available or if you are with your couple friends then you can also book a four person gondola for a double date. A professional photographer is also available to take memorable pictures of you before your journey. Outdoor gondolas are also available if the weather is nice offering amazing views of the resorts architecture and Vegas strip.

8. Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas shows are pretty famous all over the world. The theaters offer next level entertainment that is perfect for couples who are looking for something to “sit back and have fun” that doesn’t require any more movement after a tiring sightseeing of the city. A few of the popular shows are: Vegas! The Show, The Mentalist, Beatleshow Orchestra, Zombie Burlesque and more.

9. Grand Canyon Tours

If you both are into the beauty of nature and love outdoors, you won’t want to miss the tour of this national park. The tour starts around 7am and brings you back at 8pm, but it's all worth it. The tour service takes you there in Jeeps that are spacious and comfortable as the tour groups are relatively small compared to others. You will also get a chance to go past the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead so you can say it’s a trip within a trip.

10. Fremont Street

For some different sort of entertainment, head to the Fremont Street Experience that offers the world’s largest video screen, free light shows every night and viva vision. It’s a complete light and sound sort of entertainment. All this brings out the vibrancy of Vegas and shows what it is all about. It is a must see experience for those who are looking for the real Vegas.

11. Upgrade Your Room

One of the best things you can do to your hotel room is upgrading it for little money. You can upgrade your room in Vegas when you check in for almost half the price you would usually pay. Make sure you ask your hotel where you are staying about whether they have upgrades available or not.

12. Get Greeted By A Limo

You can start your vacation with your loved one by getting a limo booked to greet you at the airport when you arrive in Vegas. The Limo companies are very punctual and also keep a track of your flight numbers in case its held up or delayed. The driver waits for you at the baggage claim to help you carry the bags and once you sit in your limo, you will be welcomed with a bottle of champagne. We hope that you can see now that Las Vegas is a romantic destination to go to with loved ones. CASH 1 enjoys sharing Las Vegas travel tips from time to time and remembers that if you are wondering what are payday loans or if you need to know about Title Loans in Las Vegas, you can stop by one of our stores or begin applying online. Even we give quick cash loans bad credit on the same day.

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